MOMI LEARNS | Indeliberate action leads to unsuspected danger

Jun 25, 2017 | Life, Only Berlin

It has been weeks or perhaps a month.  I haven’t read to my little man since then.  I was too busy sleeping or minding my business.  After cooking and preparing food, I would prefer to stay in my room and go down only when I need to pee or feel hungry.  I made sure though to remind the boys to eat and also feed my 22-month-old son.

This morning, I must have missed my little man so much.   I told myself I would spend my day with him.  I opened our laptop and looked for a nice story to read.  We read the story of the Dog and the Oyster.

The dog and the Oyster

There was once a Dog who was very fond of eggs. He visited the hen house very often and at last got so greedy that he would swallow the eggs whole.

One day the Dog wandered down to the seashore. There he spied an Oyster. In a twinkling, the Oyster was resting in the Dog’s stomach, shell and all.

It pained the Dog a good deal, as you can guess.

“I’ve learned that all round things are not eggs,” he said groaning.

The Firstborn and the Mother

MOMI LEARNS | Indeliberate action leads to unsuspected danger

Indeliberate action leads to unsuspected danger | Firstborn and his mom during the former’s recognition day.  Firstborn finished seconds honors last school year 2016-2017.

I went out for a quick medical check up.  I asked my firstborn to sweep and mop the floor.  After that, he could do whatever he wants to do.

I got home real fast. Clearly, my son underestimated my return.  I caught him playing Tower of Salem.  And he left the house in a real mess.

Indeliberate action leads to unsuspected danger

They who act without sufficient thought will often fall into unsuspected danger.

I was frustrated I scolded him for being too irresponsible.  I reiterated that it would only take him a few more days to help in cleaning the house.   Classes would resume a week from now and he will be free from household chores.  “Please spare your mother of that pleasure,” I told him.

My son’s indeliberate action earned him his mother’s rage.

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  1. Maria

    OMG. This is also one of my pet peeves! I really hate it when we tell boys/men to clean or do anything related to household chores. Sometimes, it would take a lot of energy from our side since they wanted to be really pushed before starting doing something. It’s quite disappointing, really. I just wish your son would listen to you the next time and hopefully, take the initiative.


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