MOMI LEARNS| Despicable Me 3 taught me the value of having a sister

Jun 22, 2017 | Life, Only Berlin

Despicable Me 3 is the third movie installment of the hit animated series about reformed supervillain Gru. The story still revolves around Gru being a happy adoptive father to Margo, Edith, and Agnes and as a kind husband to Lucy.

Each character has her subplot, mostly dealing with her own inner demons. Agnes is in her quest to find a unicorn, while Lucy tries to be the kids’ adopted mother.

The flick also introduces a new character – Dru. He is Gru’s twin brother who would want to continue the family’s legacy as a supervillain with the help of the later. Of course, a new villain is also presented by the name of Bathalzar Bratt. He is a former adorable child star who is overly obsessed with his once-star character of the 1980’s. Certainly, the Minions are well credited, too, with their own mini movie and even getting themselves into silly yet funny situations.

Despicable Me taught me about the beauty of a family

MOMI LEARNS| Despicable Me 3 taught me the value of having a sister

MOMI LEARNS| Despicable Me 3 taught me the value of having a sister

The 90-minute flick taught me about the beauty of a family – having a brother in particular. For years, I thought I was an only child. Later in my life, I learned that my father is still alive with a family but not us. I have three siblings, the oldest about a year younger than I. We do not communicate. We do not see each other. I only learn what’s new about them through Facebook. And they must also learn what’s going on with my life through social media.

I was surprised when one day, my sister messaged me. She is in need of money. I lent her the amount she needed. It took her many months before she could return the full amount. After that, no communication again.

Years after, I got a message from her again. She wished to borrow money again. She issued a check as payment. And after that, no communication again.

What am I driving at?

Despicable Me 3 taught me the value of having a sister

I lent her the money she needed, perhaps because I would want to be a sister to her. Sadly though, in those two instances, we never got the chance to level up our relationship. But what perhaps we were able to establish is the fact that in times of need, she considers me as someone reliable to be of service. I would like to assume it’s the same way to me when I run to her for help.

Seeing Dru and Gru excited to finally spend time together is way far to happen to us. I love how the twins instantly clicked. I don’t know if such story happens in real life but it just wasn’t the case between my sister and me.  But what I am confident is that we were able to acknowledge each other as our father’s daughters.


  1. Mica de Leon

    Despicable Me! I loved this movie. I really want to watch it but been busy these days and not sure if my boyfriend would be available. Anyway, glad to hear how the movie influenced you positively.

  2. Milton Coyne

    Despicable Me 3 is by far my most favorite film on the franchise! I really enjoyed this movie and I just can’t help but to laugh in most of its parts.. Minions never really failed to amuse us but aside from the hilariousness of this movie.. it has lessons too that we can all relate with and one of them is the value of having a caring and loving family

  3. Dawn

    I haven’t watched Despicable Me 3 yet but I’ve watched the first movies and they were very hilarious. I’m interesting that these creators never forget to insert life lessons to animations like this. <3 Anyways, this was a very touching story and thank you very much for sharing it with us.

  4. Teresa

    My kids want to watch this movie too. I have not seen the past movies. I’m still undecided if I will let them. In the meantime, they are happy to have minion toys from McDo.

  5. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    We still haven’t watched Despicable Me 3! My kids were screaming forth night ago after watching the trailer on youtube and after learning that their cousins went out watching it! I might bring them to the movie house tomorrow to watch it. Didn’t know about what the story is all about yet as for having a sister, i only have one and i love her so much despite our many differences! A sister is a promise that you’ll have a bestfriend forever! The one that will never leave you nor betray you.. 🙂

  6. Indrani

    I have not seen ‘Despicable me 3’ either. So wonderful that this could imbie a lesson in you, must a powerful portrayal. Very touching to see how you have helped your half sister during her times of need. God will reward you for that!

  7. Carola

    Despicable me is still on my watchlist! I haven’t seen it yet. I saw the trailer of the latest movie a few weeks ago when I went to the Circle. I seemed very funny! Great that the movie had a good influence on you!

  8. Maria

    I love the previous movies! I still haven’t gotten the chance to watch this movie. It’s also on my list. I guess there are times that we remember people when we need help. I guess that sucks because that should not be the case. It would be really nice if we could have more chances to communicate or even catch up. I hope you and your sister would be able to beat the gap and truly catch up with each other!

  9. EG III

    I’ll have to go back and give this series a try. I’m wondering if I could just start with 3 or need to watch them all? I think the storybook family reunions do actually exist and it’s too bad you didn’t get that experience, but like you said, at least your sister values you enough to contact you in times of need.

  10. Irma

    I just love Despicable Me!! Even though the post came as a kind of a spoiler (because I intended to go to the cinema tonight and to watch it), I realized that all the Despicable Me movies teach us something. And I like your opinions and thoughts about your sister. You are a very positive person!

  11. Katy

    I haven’t seen any of the Despicable Me movies, but I love the conclusions you drew from it. I’m the black sheep of my family — long story — but any one of my siblings will reach out once every few years when they want something. Sad but true. But I’ve built my own family — my partner and I have been together for 16 years, and we hope to add a child or two to our little family unit. And, when we do, it’ll be a very different family environment to the one I endured as a youngster. if your family want so little communication from you, don’t waste too much time thinking about it. Be happy exactly as you are and the enjoy the family you do have.

  12. Alyssa Tuangco

    Haven’t seen this yet but of course my favorite is agnes! She’s cute and adorable! Maybe I’ll try watching this alone at the cinemas 🙂


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