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May 11, 2017 | Love, Only Berlin

“What date is tomorrow? It might be the premiere of The Walking Dead season 7 already.  Too bad we don’t have a television.”

This was what I told husband that morning. We were set to leave our rented house five months ago and join my mommy at her place. Thus our cable was cut.

 Use time wisely

Husband told me that instead of wasting my time on The Walking Dead, I should use my time wisely. “Start with your book.  That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Out of frustration, I bluntly answered back. “Sometimes, you need fun in your life.  Though living a life of purpose is important, we need a break once in a while.  We need to recharge and have fun as well.”

I thought husband would counter back.  Surprisingly, he agreed.  He told me he got my point.  Then he assured his wife he will call the cable operator to restore our signal.

Find your life purpose

About two years ago, I resigned from my corporate work to look after the boys. I was heavy with a child then so the timing was perfect as well.

I started the blog Momi Berlin to initially cope up with what I thought the boredom of staying at home.  And one of the blog post series I published was the Anecdotes from Tots. Many applauded and appreciated the compilation about the short and funny stories of my three boys.   A lot suggested as well that I start a book about the anecdotes.  And it all the more boosts my confidence to start the book I’ve always dreamt of writing.

My time

Find your life purpose

Find your life purpose

It has been a year now and I haven’t started with my book yet.  Do you think I took so much break from my purpose?


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