Easter Egg Hunting: 5 Things To Remember

Apr 9, 2017 | Likes, Links, Love, Only Berlin

Mommy Pehpot, an award winning and top mommy blogger from the Philippines, guest blogs today.  She gives us some practical advice on how to enjoy egg hunting this coming Easter Sunday.  And I must say, what a timely piece! Easter Sunday, which falls this April 16, is a highly anticipated event by kids and even kids at heart that brings the community together.   Surely, Mommy Pehpot’s advice will help you plan your Easter egg hunting adventure with great ease and comfort.  So, happy reading and do take note of her tips.  I already did, and our family is all prepared for April 16.

We all know how kids are very adventurous nowadays. They want to try everything, and they always have the energy to join in different activities. Easter Egg Hunting is one of the most awaited events of the year; kids have the chance to enjoy egg hunting and bring home some goodies. You can check out the list of Free Easter Events in Metro Manila by Mommy Blogger Pehpot. Just make sure to take notes of the following reminders:

Easter Egg Hunting: 5 Things To Remember

Easter Egg Hunting: 5 Things To Remember

Easter Egg Hunting: 5 Things To Remember


Do not forget to apply sunscreen every two hours

The sun is one of the culprits of Easter egg hunting activities unless it will be done indoor. Make sure your kids are having sunscreen every two hours during outdoor Easter activities. The spray type sunscreen is ideal for active events like Easter Egg hunting. If you are not comfortable with the heat of the sun, one of the Easter Events in Tagaytay may suit your needs. However, you still need to bring the sunscreen!

Make sure your kids have an active adult supervision all the time

Easter egg hunting requires physical activities so make sure to supervise your children all the time. Just don’t mix it up with being over-protective. A sufficient distance is enough, just adequate to see them. Make sure they enjoy the event with safety measures.

Keep reminding your kids about the “Do Not Talk To Strangers” policy

One of the scariest possible things that can happen is an abduction. With all the bad news going around about kids being abducted, make sure that your children understand the “Do Not Talk To Strangers” policy and brief them on what to do in times someone tries to force them.

Make sure your kids go under sanitizing before eating the goodies

We all know how impatient the kids are, but before they eat their goodies, make sure they wash their hands first. If there is no washing area, use a sanitizer. You don’t want your kids to get ill from improper hygiene.

Always bring anti-allergies in case the kids have allergy attacks

Peanuts, grass, air, sunlight, etc.- these can cause an allergy attack. Better have a list of what to avoid so you can have a pre-safety measure. In case, something unavoidable situation happens like bee stings, make sure you have an anti-allergy pack with you for first aid.

Easter Egg Hunting: 5 Things To Remember

Easter Egg Hunting: 5 Things To Remember


The Fun of Easter Egg Hunting

Easter Egg hunting is fun but you still need to prepare so the fun will not be spoiled!


  1. Roselle

    Easter Egg Hunt is one of my favorite childhood activity and still brings back happy memories. Me, my siblings and cousins design our easter eggs then when we go to church our parents hide the eggs in the backyard. After church, we search for the eggs and have them for breakfast 🙂

  2. Liana

    So… I don’t celebrate Easter and I don’t have kids, but I find that your advices are really interesting and good. Since I don’t have kids, It would be useful later, but I will keep those in minds, because they also apply everyday.


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