Month: March 2017

MOMI LEARNS| The Horse and the Donkey on being selfish

This morning, my little man and I watched the story of  The Horse and the Donkey on YouTube.  Another story worth sharing with my three other boys this supper.  As much as possible, I retell the story to my older kids so they would also learn from it.  It has been...

MOMI LEARNS| Raising Toddlers

We will soon be having a toddler at home. Our little boy at one year and nine months old is starting to show some uncontrolled outburst of frustration already.  Others might see him as a spoiled brat while some might be thinking our son is being manipulative. But...

MOMI CRIES| School accidents, who’s to blame?

I live in a small house with five boys. Life can be real crazy at times. Sometimes, too, life is just a bed of roses. Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my son's school. And the one on the other line was the school nurse. Then I was transferred to the school...

MOMI SHARES| A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do

We love Spam®.  This little blue can has always been a necessary commodity in our kitchen.  The demand for Spam® in our household is constant.  And this mom tolerates it.  I, too, consider Spam® as my all-time favorite premium canned meat and my go-to ingredient. A...

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Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not everyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it. More musings and realizations, fun discoveries, and mommy tips at Momi Berlin's blog.

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