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Sep 21, 2016 | Love, Only Berlin

Note:  This momi attended a press conference inviting the young minds to have that successful mindset.  None other than inspirational speaker Francis Kong and equally admirable speakers Eric Cruz and Ace Gapuz will be the day’s coach.  Interested?  Read on.

“Your failures do not define you.  Not your mistakes,  your disappointments nor your downfall.  Because that’s what makes you become better  every time you fall.  It is all about how you can make things right after you got it all wrong. How you rediscover yourself after every downfall you have been through.  And how you learn from your mistakes.”

– IEF Inc.


Successful Mindset: Ignite-Empower-Flourish

IEF (Ignite-Empower-Flourish Inc) is a company composed of young minds offering training, workshops, and coaching classes.  Unlike other training and consultancy firms, IEF differs in a way that it aims to  improve one’s personality and life through helping create a mindset for success and influence.  The brains behind IEF have experienced mistakes, disappointments, and downfall.  Their failure becomes their strength.  And now, they share their strength with others as they also want them to succeed in life.

And to have a better understanding regarding success, IEF sponsors a symposium featuring Francis Kong. Dubbed as “Success: Ignite – Empower – Flourish,” the conference will also have Eric Cruz and Blogapalooza’s Ace Gapuz as special guest speakers.  The event is slated on October 18 at 2pm at the AFP Theater in Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City. A portion of the proceeds is donated to World Vision.  10 young students in Zamboanga will be sent to school toward a brighter future.  Because IEF has always believed in the potential of young Filipino children, the group will be supporting the education of those select children for a minimum of 12 months.

Toward a successful mindset

IEF made me understand and realize that indeed everything is a choice.  The group chose World Vision as its beneficiary.  I also chose to attend the press conference.  Choice is the power that rests within us.  And so is success.  It is never luck.

What does IEF really push for is that success is a choice.  And that choice is to do it now and make it better this time. Just like Jeric Cornejo, IEF Director, who was once broke and neck-level indebted.  He learned from his mistakes and chose to live the life he wants.  So he made a choice that moment and made it better.  Now, he speaks  of success and lives a successful life.

I got to understand as well that life never starts yesterday nor tomorrow.  Life starts now.  The now where everything is in my hands.

3 steps to a successful mindset

IGNITE that passion

Ignite your dream with awareness, hope, and ambition.

EMPOWER  that dream

Empower your heart with purpose and direction.

FLOURISH with a purpose

Flourish your mind with wonder, passion, and handwork.

These are the same words that make up IEF.  The company has the passion for sharing.  It equips itself with the direction and flourishes with that purpose to share.  Before Cornejo and the rest of IEF team became heroes to others, they were heroes to themselves first.  And now, they want to give back and contribute to the world through IEF to make it a better place.  Why?  Simply because they do not want others to be left behind.

So be a hero to yourself first and choose to speak, smile, and think with a successful mindset.

But how do we define success?

Perhaps success means having your own house.  Or a car. Or a stable job.  Or simply having a good family relationship aside from the properties you have.

Or maybe, success is choosing to be happy and living a contented life.  A happy man flourishes and gives back.  And as he gives back, he gets more in the process.  That is the life Cornejo is living.  The same life Kristine Marcelo, IEF CEO, lives.  And the life I am choosing to live.

Want to know more about success?  Choose to listen to Francis Kong on October 18, 2pm at the AFP Theater. He will lead you how to ignite, empower and flourish that choice.

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    Hi momi Berlin! I would love to be here, I intend to attend. I know how great of a speaker Francis Kong is and would love to listen to him again, and again, and now, again. I like organizations like World Vision Philippines, so IEF Inc., in helping the organization as a part of its endeavor to empower people like us is commendable.

    I also found notes the first time I heard Francis Kong and please let me share:

    • momiberlin

      See you then on the 18th 🙂

  2. Sabine

    Great organization! You know, failures are part of life. Every one fails but it’s not about that. It’s about how you get up and continue after failure. What you’ve learned from it and do it over 🙂

    • momiberlin

      I very much agree 🙂

  3. theresa

    I came across the invite first in a different blog and I also want to attend and listen to Francis Kong. Unfortunately, I just had an operation and I can’t visit the Manila just for that. My little one also is just 20 days and I am exclusively breastfeeding him so I just have all the reasons why I cannot attend. Still, I hope I can chance on the same invite in the future.

    • momiberlin

      Surely there will be hundreds of Francis Kong talks. In time, i guess. And have lots of rest. You need that 🙂

  4. Maerose JS

    I am really intrigued by the seminar that the Francis Kong will be holding in Manila. Unfortunately, I cannot be there. But thanks to articles like yours, I can still get an insight on what is it about and how inspiring he really is. True enough, a positive and success-oriented mindset is necessary to attain our goals in life. I haven’t really defined success yet, perhaps combined material possessions, good relationships and self-fulfilment? But getting up from failures is easier said than done. 🙂 So it’s beneficial to know how to maintain a positive mindset. Thanks for sharing!

    • momiberlin

      I agree. And so true. Getting up after a failure is easier said than done. All we need though is motivation to stand.

  5. Sam Coronado (@followyouroad)

    I’ve heard so much positive news about Francis Kong. Even though he’s pretty hard to book, they say he’s worth it! I hope to hear him live someday. I’m sure he’s got a handful of words that millennials like me could use.

    • momiberlin

      He is very inspiring. Hope you chance upon him someday. 🙂

  6. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Francis Kong is my favorite. And i would really love to be here! Sad that there’s an special occasion that we will celebrate on that day.. Sigh! 🙁 But i do believe there’ll be more events like this in the future. Will sign up once i have the chance.

    • momiberlin

      With how great Francis Kong is, surely there would be more of this kind. Inasmuch as we would love to learn and be with our favorites, sometimes being with the family and celebrating occasions is still the best to learn.

  7. Michi

    I agree that failures do not define you and like Sabine said, failure is part of our life. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have any failures in life. It is not about the failure but it is how you move forward from that mistake. We always have the opportunity to change, to correct and to flourish.

  8. Jessica

    I’ve been a fan and doer of the word, IGNITE. Such a powerful word that everytime I see it, motivation can easily kick. Haha. Been hearing this talk and I am sure, it would be an inspirational and moving event. Just too bad can’t make it on that day.

  9. Shai

    I’m a huge fan of Francis Kong. I’ve read a lot of good things about him. I agree that success is about choosing to be happy and living a contented life. The best way to achieve success is to have the right mindset.

  10. Orana Velarde

    IEF sounds like a great organization in all aspects. This talk with Francis Kong definitely sounds like the place to go if you want to take your success seriously. I read about this talk on Robert’s blog and found the whole thing quite interesting. Have fun at the seminar! Take notes!

  11. Maria

    I think this is a great event! I’ve heard of Francis Kong and he really speaks well in the sense that he inspires people. I agree with the 3 steps to a successful mindset. I agree with Jessica that ignite is a very powerful word. I’ve been using that for quite some time now and to me, it’s like a spark plug. Hope I could join and my schedule would permit! 😀

    • momiberlin

      Hope your sked would truly permit 🙂


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