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Sep 6, 2016 | Life, Only Berlin

This momi gave birth four times. Each was a true celebration of life as a new bundle of joy has arrived to make our daily life the happiest. And what guided me throughout my pregnancy journey were my lessons learned from the past. Having a community as well would be a great advantage and one community is Smart Parenting.


At the Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2, Discovery Suites, Ortigas. Doula Betty San Luis and her husband empower expectant moms to have a choice.   

Smart Parenting,  the go-to-site of Filipino parents on vital parenting information, recently held a baby shower at the Discovery Suites.  The purpose of which is to pamper and give valuable tips to expectant moms. The almost six-hour event had guest speakers who were experts in their field.  Each shared valuable lessons on how to get ready for their new bundle of joy.

I first met Doula Betty San Luis and her husband at the first Smart Parenting Baby Shower last April.  I appreciated her more on our second meeting.  She spoke with passion about the advantages of natural birthing. It was very inspiring as well that her husband joined to give support.

Of all the things she shared, I loved the most–

Birth is something you do, not something that is done to you.

Doula Betty emphasized that a mother gives birth to a child.   All a mom should do is transform her fear into power and confidence.  After that, she will experience a smooth birth.  She just needs to trust her body, manage her labor through deep breathing, and take pleasure of the support from her partner or her doula.

Doula Betty also shared that to remove the fear of birth, a couple should know their options.  Aside from caesarean and normal delivery, there is the natural birth.  Natural birth does not use any drug, including pain relievers like the epidural. Through the natural birth, it is the mother who directs herself to labor.  She delivers in a way she is most comfortable. And the most common and comfortable way to give birth is through water birth. The water as well acts as the pain reliever.  It has a calming effect on both the baby and the mother.


The next speaker was Dr. Ella Salvador, a pediatrician at the Ospital ng Muntinlupa and Unihealth-Paranaque Hospital and Medical Center. She shared valuable first-aid tips during pregnancy and even for infants and toddlers.  I agree with her that though we may be careful, some emergencies are truly unavoidable.  And with her helpful basic first-aid tips, surely any parent or even a child can feel a little confident in handling emergency scenes.

For high fever, for instance, a mom should keep calm first and then look for the signs.    A fever of 37.8 degrees celsius  means that the baby’s body is responding to an infection.  He needs the pediatrician’s advice to know what causes the infection.

At the Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2.  The very amiable Ms. Chiqui shared some relaxation techniques and exercises during labor.

At the Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2.  The very amiable Ms. Chiqui shared some relaxation techniques and exercises during labor.

It was the last topic on being prepared for the coming of the new bundle of joy that I appreciated the most. Ms. Chiqui Brosas was so perky and nice as she discussed ways on how to ease the pain during labor. She shared exercises as well which moms on labor can do to lessen the pain, and be confidently beautiful during childbirth and until birth. And of all the tips she shared, I liked the most her constant advice —

“Think of happy thought.”

Ms. Brosas is an experienced childbirth educator and doula since the 1990’s.  She is also a breastfeeding advocate since 1997.  She likewise represented our country at the 1975 Ms. Universe beauty pageant where she finished fourth runner-up.

To cap off the series of talks, a pre-natal yoga session was prepared for the moms.  It was conducted by Tanya Dela Cruz, one of the founding members of OneLife Studio which offers yoga and pilates classes.


Smart Parenting also prepared a pre-natal yoga session for the moms.

I already gave birth four times. I even had a missed abortion three years ago. Aside from my family,  my past pregnancy experiences guided me to face each pregnancy with grace. And I know I would have been more confident if I knew Smart Parenting then. But just the same, I am happy that now, I have Smart Parenting with me.  They are always there to help moms and even dads be the best parents they can be. I truly appreciate how they could prepare workshops and even baby showers.  They sincerely make sure that every parent gets a comprehensive source of information on the major aspects of birthing and of  raising a child.

Again, thank you Smart Parenting for all the lessons learned.  Till the next workshop.

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    Hey, this is so nice. Alam ko ang Smart Parenting. Noong buntis sa panganay pa lang ang ex ko e nag-member din ako sa forum nila, kasi ang daming matututunan talaga. So maganda itong ginawa din nila with experts sharing tips and advises lalo sa first time to-be na mommies.

  2. Teresa Dumadag

    Chiqui was also our teacher in my birth class when I was a first-time parent. My husband and I attended several sessions with her almost 8 years ago. I learned a lot from her class, too. The lessons I learned empowered me to give birth without medications for all my 3 children.

    • momiberlin

      Wow! That is Admirable. Truly admirable. Contractions can be real painful and yet youve managed everything without any anesthesia. Galing lang talaga!

  3. Rowena C

    Not yet a Mom but plans to be one in the future. I like the lessons that you shared on your post. I will take note of this.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. Surely you will be a cool mom who will take her kids to her travels. 🙂


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