Month: September 2016

MOMI RECOMMENDS| always baby fresh with Baby Care Plus

Often, I would find myself pressing my nose against my one-year old's head. I would then take that long deep sniff and kiss his hair. I would do that every time I babywear, carry or breastfeed him. I find his baby fresh smell the most wonderful scent in the world. It...

MOMI TIPS: family free wall

Note:  This was written last August 18, 2012.  We still have our family free wall up to this day.  And I look forward to seeing our fourth son write and tack something on our free wall, too.   (Pardon the low-quality camera used). The exchange of notes and special...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ animal proverbs

Wikipedia defines a proverb as a simple and concrete saying, popularly known and repeated, that expresses a truth based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. Usually passed down from generation to the next, an animal proverb demonstrates that basic...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ how to make a collage

School project time!  And my son needs to make a collage. This mother was extra giddy when the kids mentioned to her last night that they have projects to make! I  so enjoy hearing the thoughts of my boys on how to make their art works worth their teachers' time.  I...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ paper necklace and bracelet

Firstborn taught this mother to make accessories using a paper.  Curious at first, Second son tried a few pieces until he joined us in firstborn's project making activity.  After a few hours, we congratulated ourselves for a job well done! That afternoon, we were able...

Unique Gift Ideas for Children of All Ages

The children, or the young ones, are indeed the heart of the Christmas season. Nowhere can you see anything than the very spirit of the season alive in their eyes – excited, hopeful, full of and love – whenever they see beautiful ornaments depicting the holidays. It...

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