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Aug 31, 2016 | Life, Only Berlin

I saw a few pages of second son’s Civics and Culture book all plastered with scotch tape.

This mother smiled.

 My nine-year-old boy is showing signs that he can now take care of his things.

Second son might have unintentionally ripped the book’s pages.  He put the pages together using a scotch  tape– a usual practice we do whenever their books got mess up.


And this kind of simple act is a big-time achievement for this mother.   There were so many times before that I would remind the kids to look after their things specially their notebooks and books.  The boys would always be careless with their books.  There would be folds on the corners of the pages;  some of their books would be all dried up and the pages crumbled because of water spills.  This time, though, second son was the one who put scotch tape on his book .

Our children may grow responsible if we parents lead by example.  And it is now paying off.  Finally!

* July 16, 2013/ More writings inside my knickknack box to constantly remind me that leading by example is possible.  




    I remember doing that too when I was a kid. Guess whom I learned that from? My mom! So yes, we lead by example, hence the need to show them the right ways. And whenever they pick up bad habits, gotta look at ourselves too.

  2. Laveena Sengar

    I did a lot of such things and in fact worse as a child. I think all my good habits are the ones my mom taught me.

  3. Rej

    This is so heartfelt. I used to do that way back when I was in elementary, thinking my Mom won’t notice all the ripped pages of my book. I think, as early as this age, children slowly learn the “instinct” to try to fix something even though it’s ripped and broken just so it can still be used. And this gets carried out when they grow up.

    I do hope your son (and your other children) will continue to learn how to take care of their things better as you constantly remind them too. 🙂

  4. Leona

    wow i can’t wait for the day my kids start to do this too! at the moment, it all mommy help! even tho my son is great with crafts but when it comes to taking care of his own things, he’s just not there yet, i still have to nag a bit here and there.

  5. Nilyn Matugas

    Our kids learn mostly by what we show them. I hope that I can always set a good example to my son. Kung di nya nakita sayo ‘to, malamang, di rin nya to matututunan. So good job, mommy perky! Partey partey! 🙂 Keep it up lang. Alam ko career kung career ka na nanay. 😀

  6. Maria

    Woaaaah! As early as now, he’s doing that and is pretty amazing. There was a time in my childhood when this happened to me. I panicked because for my family, books are treasure. I tried to put it back together but can’t. It’s a good thing that they understood me and did not scold me. Haha. Certainly, parenting done right! 🙂

  7. Me-An Clemente

    As boys tend to be playful, it is really inevitable that they damage their stuff in the process. I’m not a mom myself, but I totally agree with what you said. Parents should really lead by example. They also need to guide their children on the right thing to do. Congratulations on being a super mom. It is evident that your efforts on teaching your son is paying off.

  8. Shai

    I always love mommy posts! Nakakatuwa that your baby boy is now a responsible, grown up man, hihi! But really, I love all your posts! They show how much you love your kids 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. I love them truly. Ihihi.

  9. Jessica

    They said too much reminders from parents can irritate kids. But of course, if one puts it in proper way to give a lesson to children, it will sooner or later be appreciated and followed. He is so adorably responsible and that’s all because of you.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for the kind words. He also take the advice of his older brother and learn from him. That perhaps is one advantage of having older siblings. He tend not to follow his wrongdoings and improve on what can be improved.

  10. Miera Nadhirah

    I guess that is the beginning of responsibility.. my daughter does it haphazardly though… much to my frustration… or else most of the time she just could not be bothered…

    • momiberlin

      I hope so too that my son continues to be responsible. Your daughter might be taking things carefully 🙂

  11. Veethee Dixit

    Your sone is taking steps towards maturity! That is a really nice thing. I used to do the same. I learnt it from my dad.

    • momiberlin

      Very good to the dad for being an example. But seriously, very good to you, too, because you accepted the challenge to be matured.

  12. Mia Foo

    it’s so cute that your son taped the book by himself! i remember i used to do that when i was in primary school, a lot. because i was mostly using hand me downs from my brother. so by the time i got my ‘new’ textbooks they were mostly all falling apart and i had to tape them back one by one.



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