Month: July 2016

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ subtraction flash cards

I was a bit disappointed.  Bunso mentioned last night he had a Math Project due for submission the following day.  We only had a few hours to finish the subtraction flash cards. But I hate myself more.  I didn't even check my boy's school bag for any assignments or...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ parts of computer keyboard

My Bunso is excited for Wednesday.  He cannot wait for his teacher's reaction as he submits his Computer project.  Their teacher required them to draw a computer keyboard and name its parts.  The teacher encouraged them to make their project very creative and unique....

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ my healthy habits

Project time! My grade three son's science book illustrates the importance of personal hygiene to one's health.  As a mother, I appreciate these lessons supporting my constant reminder re brushing of teeth, washing of face, scrubbing of elbow, etc. I often tell my...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ vinta making

Firstborn son's latest Civics project is vinta making.  Though I have an idea how a vinta looks like, I still have to check Google for a more reliable look. Here is our vinta, all made from an illustration board.  We glued the parts together using a glue gun.  The...

MOMI SMILES/ Firstborn learns to humble himself

Firstborn has earned my respect last night. His little brother teased him with great zest.  His kid brother sang Gloc 9's "Magda" and changed some of its lyrics. "ito'y kwento ng isang lalaki natutulog sa umaga, nagwawalis sa gabi natutulog sa umaga, magma-mop sa...

MOMI MEETS/ the design philosophy of Mr. Hans Brumann

I met two passionate  individuals in a week.  One was a blacksmith who though not literally forges metal to make a fine sword but passionately aims to shape the minds of the kabataan.  And the other is a goldsmith who passionately designs jewellery for Manila's most...

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