Month: February 2016


Have you eaten what looks like an ordinary lumpiang toge but after a few bites, you will wonder where's the toge?  What's inside instead are buko strips, veggies, ham, and cheese. Or how about have your mojito for lunch but still be completely sober and even share it...

MOMI WANDERS/ Wicked Kitchen’s seven deadly desserts

Firstborn and I ate at Wicked Kitchen last Saturday.  And I was not impressed with the interiors.  I even asked my son if he wanted to try other diners. Good thing the food attendant was courteous and amiable.  So I returned the favor and stayed. I ordered for...

MOMI MUSINGS/  back on track, I suppose. 

My boys came from school this afternoon. And the first thing Second son told me after asking for my blessings was "the test folder is with me now." He got his test folder and handed it to me. Though his voice was not at all cocky, I've sensed that he got good grades...

SCHOOL PROJECTS/ how to make a paper savings bank

Project time! I cannot remember anymore if I was the giddy kind of girl every time we had school projects before. What I am certain is that I am more excited than my boys when they have projects for submission. I love art and I love helping my boys with their...

MOMI WANDERS/ borlas de pastillas

I met 92-year old Nanay Luz two years ago and though she may look old, her thinking is still very sharp and her smile, very sweet.  She used to do pabalat (borlas de pastillas) or commonly known as pastillas wrappers.  What sets Nanay Luz's pabalat so different from...

MOMI MUSINGS| Understanding Second Son

And he did it again. He woke me up at 6 am, all dressed and ready for his 8 am church meeting. I gave him money, told him to eat before leaving the house, be home right after the meeting, and to take care. He still was not home by 2:30 pm. His meeting wrapped up at...

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