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5 Easy Tips to Help Kids Love School

This mother remembers when her three boys attended school for the first time.  They weren't like the other kids who cried and begged their parents not to leave them.  My experience was pleasing as my three boys were all excited to meet new friends and finally learn...

Let Us Aim for Kuto-free Philippines

Momi calls for help, let us debunk head lice myths and show sincere concern  Have you ever shrugged shoulders on things that do not involve you? I did. After all, I was the least affected of those concerns. It isn't just head lice It was last year when I joined the...

MOMI GIVES| Zap those nits with Blitz Nitz giveaway

MOMI GIVES| Zap those nits with Blitz Nitz giveaway

Honestly, I wasn't aware head lice can be a pressing problem.  I've got a few bottles of head lice treatment shampoo and I have no use for them as of the moment.  I thought of giving them away but I was not too comfortable with the idea.  And so I just tried to...

MOMI SHARES| Kwell aims for Zero Kuto Philippines

MOMI SHARES| Kwell aims for Zero Kuto Philippines

We just love programs centered on kids' health and empowerment.  Perhaps because we have five boys and any help to boost a child's proper growth and development is very much welcome.   The #2 serious ailment Recently, we were invited to an intimate blogger's event...

MOMI CALLS FOR HELP| End the stigma of head lice

It is saddening to hear that having lice has created a social stigma that brings devastating effect to both the concerned youngster and his parents.  This humiliation causes a child to skip school, for instance, to avoid being bullied.  The parents, on the other hand,...

MOMI SHARES| Zap head lice with Blitz Nitz

This post has long been overdue.  I should have posted this last April, very timely for the summer season.  Though we could still feel the scorching heat, it can't be denied that occasional rainfall occurs now.  This signals the rainy season is fast approaching....

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