Mompreneurs Making a Difference

Jun 13, 2024 | Life

Celebrating Independence

As we commemorate the Philippines’ 126th Independence Day, we reflect not only on our history but also on its relevance today. Just as our forebears fought for freedom from colonial rule in 1898, modern-day heroes are shaping our nation’s future through entrepreneurship, empowering themselves and others along the way.

Mompreneurs Making a Difference

Empowering Through Entrepreneurship

Filipino mompreneurs exemplify this spirit, overcoming challenges to achieve personal and financial independence. According to the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) generate significant employment, contribute substantially to our economy, and boost exports, playing a crucial role in our nation’s growth.

Madiskarte Moms PH, an online community supporting mompreneurs, embodies this spirit by creating products that celebrate Filipino culture and empower local communities through direct and indirect employment opportunities.

From OFWs to Entrepreneurs

Mompreneurs Making a Difference

Lois Gabriel, a mother of three and former OFW in Dubai, found her path to entrepreneurship through event coordination and makeup artistry. Despite initial setbacks, she pursued her passion after studying at the School of Fashion and Arts (SOFA), establishing Lois Gabriel Events with a team that grew to five members, ensuring memorable events with her organizational skills.

For April Ocampo, an OFW in Macau and Singapore turned full-time mom, entrepreneurship became a lifeline during her post-partum journey. Her venture, Bounty Honey, sourcing wild honey from Mindanao, started with a modest investment and has since grown due to increasing demand, proving resilience and determination can turn challenges into opportunities.

Mompreneurs Making a Difference

Pursuing Dreams Amidst Challenges

Mommy Princess, balancing a BPO job with her passion for crafting, pivoted to creating handmade accessories under ISLA, employing stay-at-home moms and students. Despite doubts and challenges, she persevered, driven by faith and the desire to create a legacy for her daughter.

Mompreneurs Making a Difference

Similarly, Ayeng Antonio-Mendez, alongside her corporate career, realized a family dream with Abuela Café and Bakery. Despite the complexities of starting a business, Ayeng and her family persisted, honoring their heritage through recipes passed down through generations.

Embracing Entrepreneurial Freedom

These mompreneurs are not just business owners; they are modern-day heroes reshaping their destinies and inspiring others. Through courage, creativity, and resilience, they have created positive impacts, both economically and personally, demonstrating that true freedom is found in pursuing one’s passions and dreams.

Empower yourself like these Filipino moms. Join Madiskarte Moms PH on Facebook and be part of a supportive community that celebrates independence through entrepreneurship.


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