NTC SmartClass: Shaping the Future of Homeschooling in the Philippines

Apr 29, 2024 | Likes

In an exciting development in Philippine education, the National Teachers College (NTC) and APEC Schools have joined forces, creating a dynamic educational powerhouse. This merger, approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in late 2023, combines NTC’s rich 95-year legacy of excellence in teacher education with APEC Schools’ innovative and progressive teaching methods.

NTC SmartClass Homeschooling Program

Introducing NTC SmartClass Homeschooling Program

Recognizing the growing homeschooling trend, especially during the pandemic, NTC SmartClass was introduced in 2023. This program offers flexible and comprehensive educational solutions tailored to the needs of modern families. It blends progressive teaching methods with deep educational insights from NTC’s esteemed tradition.

Prioritizing Unique Learning Journeys

NTC SmartClass: Shaping the Future of Homeschooling in the Philippines

NTC SmartClass caters to Kinder to Grade 10 students, prioritizing each learner’s unique learning style, pace, and interests. With flexible study schedules and a learning-by-doing approach, students develop a love for learning while gradually building essential skills.

Supporting Learners Every Step of the Way

NTC SmartClass fosters a collaborative environment between Parents, Subject Matter Experts, and Academic Advisers to enhance student engagement. This “triangle of support” ensures that every homeschooler receives personalized attention and encouragement.

Breaking Barriers to Quality Education

One of the program’s key goals is to make high-quality, flexible education accessible to all Filipino families. By offering affordable rates and optional curriculum add-ons, NTC SmartClass aims to eliminate financial barriers associated with homeschooling, empowering more families to pursue personalized learning.

Paving the Way to Inclusive Education

As NTC SmartClass expands its reach, it aims to provide a more inclusive homeschooling platform nationwide. By offering comprehensive resources and support services at affordable rates, the program ensures that every child has access to quality education, regardless of socioeconomic background.

Join the Future of Homeschooling with NTC SmartClass

NTC SmartClass: Shaping the Future of Homeschooling in the Philippines

Amidst changing educational landscapes and environmental challenges, NTC SmartClass emerges as a beacon of personalized learning, offering flexible, safe, and accessible education tailored to every child’s needs.

Let’s shape the future of education together with NTC SmartClass. Join us on this exciting journey towards inclusive and empowering homeschooling for Filipino families.


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