Ignite Your Child’s Creativity with Basecamp’s ‘Creativity Camp’ Workshop Series

Mar 21, 2024 | Likes

Basecamp’s ‘Creativity Camp’ Workshop Series

In today’s digital age, kids and teens navigate the digital world effortlessly, showcasing remarkable technological proficiency from an early age. Recognizing this potential, Power Mac Center introduces Creativity Camp. This unique workshop series tailored for young minds to nurture their digital fluency and unleash their artistic talents.

Basecamp’s ‘Creativity Camp’ Workshop Series

Empowering young learners from aged six to 15 is the primary goal of Creativity Camp. Through engaging and age-appropriate digital and non-digital courses, kids will embark on a journey of exploration and innovation. From digital art, calligraphy, coding, and 3D design to traditional painting and drawing, there’s something for every young creative soul.

Maleng Raysag, Head of Basecamp, emphasizes the blend of digital and non-digital skills offered by the program. Whether delving into coding, digital art, or honing traditional artistic techniques, these workshops provide a diverse and enriching learning environment. Parents are encouraged to enroll their kids for them to enhance their technical abilities. The camp also aims to deepen the kids’ appreciation for creativity and self-expression.

Artistry Unleashed: iPad Edition

Young creators will dive into the world of digital art using iPads. The kids are expected to unleash their potential in courses like “Draw and Share on iPad” and “Calligraphy on iPad.” These programs enable kids and teens to craft impactful posters and refine their handwriting skills. Also, the activity expects to merge traditional elegance with modern technology.

Honing Digital Skills Using Mac

Creativity Camp extends its offerings to Mac-based courses like “3D Art on Mac” and “Canva Graphics on Mac.” Such courses empower kids and teens to produce remarkable visuals. Meanwhile, the “Code and Create on Mac” workshop encourages teens to spearhead their coding projects, fostering innovation and creativity.

Non-Digital Prowess

For those seeking a hands-on experience, workshops like “Coffee Painting” and “3D Pen Magic” provide unconventional avenues for creativity. Kids will explore their artistic side using eco-friendly mediums and magical pens, adding sensory delight to their artistic journey.

Basecamp’s ‘Creativity Camp’ Workshop Series

Practical Details

Creativity Camp courses are priced at P5,500 per student per course. Package cost is at P15,000 (for a package of three), offering a total of 12 days of immersive learning. Slots are limited to 10 students per session, ensuring personalized attention. Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis, with registration done online and payment via bank deposit.

Ready to Spark Creativity?

Basecamp’s ‘Creativity Camp’ Workshop Series

Book a course now via basecamp@powermaccenter.com or +63 908 885 6277. Follow Power Mac Center on social media for updates and exclusive deals on Basecamp training fees. Let’s ignite curiosity and cultivate creativity in our kids together!


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