Nurture Child To Live Fuller Life

May 12, 2021 | Life

Let Your Child Live Fuller Life 

You are now a parent. Being one gives you the responsibility to take care of your child. As his guardian, you also need to nurture his fullest potential. That way, he would come to realize his strengths and live to the fullest. He will live the life he wants and finds success because he loves what he is doing.

To nurture a child’s potential, parents should be sensitive to their kid’s interests and strengths. Allow Momi Berlin to share with you a few interesting pointers.

Be the best model

Often, a child models his parents. His guardians’ influence is so grand that he usually picks up his elders’ gestures, ideas, and even talents and interests. This is because a toddler still has no clear picture of himself. There is no doubt that boys would want to play the guitar just like their dad or girls dream of becoming a singer like their mom.

Parents have such a significant effect on their child’s choices. A kid sees himself in the mirror of his parents. To develop your little one’s full potential, be the best model you can be.

See your child as an achiever

As a kid starts to grow and evaluate things, he begins to see himself in the mirror of his parents’ judgment. Other forces like teachers, peer groups, and relatives also give their contribution to this. A child who grows up with his elders and people around him saying he is a lousy singer may boost or hinder his growth as one.

It is crucial then that you develop an attitude of unlimited potential for your little one as a guardian. Expose him to arts, sciences, and languages. Praise him for his achievements and comfort him in his times of despair. See your child as an achiever, and he will feel like one.

Look for the natural flair

Most children, even at an early age, show their natural abilities. A little boy may perhaps deliver consistency in his keen interest in analysis and concentration. You would see him intently watching his grandparents play chess, for instance. Develop his natural ability to focus and filter out distractions. If he has a flair for chess, for example, gift him a chess set. There, he builds up his ability to concentrate. His hidden talent may emerge and blossom after such exposure.

Provide opportunities

A talent develops if you let your child recognize his potential. Look for opportunities for him to practice his skills. Allow him to have an audience so they would cheer for him as well. If you have the resources, a tutor or coach to further develop his talent is appreciated. Invest in equipment and time. Join competitions as they would surely boost your kid’s confidence and, again, enhance his natural prowess.

Let the toddler enjoy

Any child loves the fun. Even at a tender age, a kid would go the extra mile to develop a skill if he loves doing it. You would see his eagerness in the way he talks about his interest. Let him lead you to what excites him, and show enthusiasm as well. Do not stress out during a competition, for instance. The kid could be empathetic and sense when his parents are anxious. This sometimes stresses him as well, and all of a sudden decides to quit.

Provide Nutrition

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Nurture Child To Live Fuller Life 

Most parents aim for the success of their little ones. They are their kid’s cheerleaders. As a guardian, allow your child to discover his interest and support him in pursuing it. He will thank you for being the not-so-stage mom along the way. Sometimes, being too keen and pushy on your little tot’s talent is what drives him to hate it. He quickly becomes exhausted, and time will come he does not feel like enjoying what he enjoys before.

To nurture your kid to live a fuller life, be sensitive to your child’s interests and strengths. But do not be too nosy and overly intrusive. You might need to relax or perhaps attend to your potential that needs nurturing, too.


  1. Nicole Cinco

    Ang sarap basahin momi. Totoo po yan. Worth reading 👏👏👏

  2. Criselda Benin

    Thanks for this Momi Berlin, malaki po talaga ang role natin mga magulang sa ating mga anak💓

  3. Jen Guzman

    True Momi ❤️ let them to be a child . Let them live a fuller life ❤️❤️❤️ . Na aapply ko talaga ito kay LO talagang naka support lang ako sa mga achievements na ginagawa nya. And as a parent alam kong na aadopt na nya ang bawat kilos at salita namin kaya maingat talaga kami sa lahat ng binibitawan namin. Thanks for this article Momi may maidadagdag nanaman kaming kaalaman ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. Karen Joy Daban

    Thanks for this momi berlin.I must say that my kids live to the fuller..

  5. ellaine parame

    Sa totoo lamg ang hirap talaga magraise ng toddler lalo na sa pagtuturo,pero need talaga sila turuan para matutunan din nila ang dapat matutunan..Salamat sa Article na ito Mommy,napanatag ang isipan ko na ganitu dapat pala..Let them enjoy and explore at gabayan talaga is the key..

  6. Maribel Cordovilla

    Mahaba pero kapakipakinabang ang mensahe ng blog mo Momi. So helpful, interesting and makatotohanan. Ang daming good advices and tips on nurturing our kids that can really applied in our daily life. May nadagdag na kaalaman n nmn para sa kin bilang magulang and big help itong nabasa. Thanks for sharing this momi and I want to hear more blogs ,sobrang interesting and mapapaulit ka sa pagbasa. God bless po and always stay safe. 🤗🙂

  7. jennifer sarno cruz

    Salamat momi berlin sa mga tips na ito…raising a child these days ay talagang challenging dahil na rin siguro sa makabagong paniniwala at teknolohiya na malaki ang impact sa mga bata.

  8. Dhel Manog

    Salamat po sa pagshare ng ganetong blog momi Berlin,ang sarap pong basahin at malaking tulong po itong blog mo para sa lahat ng parents na kagaya ko.Malaking role talaga yong pagsupport natin sa mga kids natin.Hayaan natin silang mag enjoy at issuport natin sila sa kanilang gusto.Sa panahon ngayon mahirap na masayang magpalaki ng kids pero nandito tayong mga magulang para gabayan sila sa lahat.

  9. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Bilang parents talaga need natin gabayan ng maayos ang mga kids natin gabay na hindi nakakasakal gabay na kayang natin intindihin at mauunawaang ang gusto nila mangyari lahat ng ito na pag aaralan natin mga magulang sa kanila at napag aaralan din ng mga kids mga tinuturo natin sa kanila Salamat sa pag share nitong momi🥰🥰🥰

  10. Ma.Elma Abe

    Worth reading ito momi..thank you for sharing madaming learnings ang makukuha.

  11. Lyka Mitra

    Thank you for shating this mommy Berlin dami ko po natutunan sa inyo. Napakahirap po talaga mag palaki ng anak kaya sa ating mga magulang dapat nag sisimula ang magandang ehemplo..

  12. Maria Cristina Sadicon

    Thanks for sharing this momi Berlin.Mahalaga po talaga ang pag nurture ng child for the better future


    Yesss to this mommy ,sobrang worth to read. Hayaan lng natin tlga sila sa pagiging Bata ,Sabi nga dba minsan lng maging Bata ,pagbigyan ,lalu Nat Kung anung gstu nila

  14. Cheng Broquiza

    Thank you for sharing this to us Momi. Worth to read po tlaga. Itreally helps me po. Lalo n I’m A Mom of three. With different interest. May panganay loves to sing. He want also na to play guitar. Most requested nia po tlaga is guitar to his Papa na di namin mabilhan bilhan. (Mas inuna needs😥) mn second born nmn po. Baby pa SyA marunong na mag draw. Ngaun 6years old n SyA. Grabe magaling na po. Kaya nman ingat n ingat sa crayons and pencils. My third born nman po. Loves to dance.makarinig Lang ng tugtog. Grabe buwis Buhay Ang sayaw. My kids ages 10,6 and 1 year old.

  15. Karen

    Bilang isang magulang kailangan natin ibigay s ating mga anak ang tamang alaga,kalinga at nutrisyon n kailangan hayaan natin cla mag enjoy s pagiging bata nla we need to love and nurture our children

  16. Roxanne Dela Peña

    Sobrang laking tulong po nitong mga shina share mo na idea samin Momi Berlin. ❤️ Isa sa pinakamahirap na trabaho ay ang pagiging ina, gusto natin ang pinaka best para sa kanila ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Julie Suba

    Worth Reading!☺️ Basta para sa anak masaya po sa pakiramdam na matuto. Ang pagiging ina anh isa sa mahirap na gawain ng isang babae sa buong buhay nia, pero worth it naman ang hirap basta para sa kapakanan ng mga anak.


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