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Aug 10, 2020 | Only Berlin

A 3-month-old’s developmental milestones

It has been three months since you’ve given birth. As you recover from childbirth, your three-month-old is also becoming more energetic and growing bigger every day. By this time, she can settle into a schedule, giving you more time to rest and heal. Below are some of the most common developmental milestones seen in a three-month-old child.

3-month-old’s developmental milestones

Motor skills

At around three months old, a baby may sit down with your assistance. She has better control of her head and loves to move around. She loves to try rolling from her tummy to her back. During tummy time, she can also slightly lift her head and even push up on her hands.


A three-month-old baby can turn her head at the sound of her parents’ voice. You will also notice she often smiles, again upon hearing her loved ones’ voice. She also loves to smile for pleasure, which most child psychologists refer to as a social smile.

She also loves looking at brightly colored objects, the same as catching her reflection in the mirror.

Sleep pattern

Your three-month-old baby now gives you the favor to sleep longer and better. She can now sleep for at least six hours a night. She may wail a few for food or diaper change, then she will again go back to her sleep.

During the day, she may take a few naps of about one 1/2 to two hours each day.

Verbal skills

Aside from crying to communicate her fear, hunger, or anxiety, she also loves to make sounds. The easiest he can do are “ah” and “oh.” It is prudent then that you often communicate with your baby so she may hear more sounds. She loves listening to anything you say. She may even extend her arms to connect with you.

A 3-month-old developmental milestones

At this stage, your three-month-old is slowly being used to patterns. She regularly sleeps during the time you put her to sleep. She also loves a few playtime and, of course, storytime.

If you haven’t seen these developmental milestones to your three-month-old child, it won’t hurt if you encourage her to grow. Display brightly colored toys around her. She would surely love looking at them, reach even, and play with them. An example is dressing her up with INSPI Kids clothes that uphold positive values through its designs and quality. Such garments are designed with the cutest prints, and such luck! They are now on sales on Shopee at up to 83% off at the Super Brand Day from August 10 to 12. An INSPI Kids Girls Assorted top (set of 2 pcs), for instance, is now at P199 from its original P350. That is a total of 66% discount! To take advantage of the sale, download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play. 

INSPI Kids on Sale at Shopee

Again, do not tire spending a few minutes playing with your little one. Read or sing to her. Most importantly, show her your love and care. With all your support and affection, your baby would surely be excited to learn and grow faster than you could ever imagine.

* Information here is based on the writer’s observation with guidance from her children’s pediatrician.

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  1. Karen

    Thank you for sharing momi berlin i learned a lot about the milestones of 3 months old baby…i love the color and design of INSPI kids clothes…


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