The Hope from Lysol-Red Cross Partnership

May 29, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

The Hope from Lysol-Red Cross Partnership

Metro Manila has been under enhanced community quarantine (EQC) for more than two months.  And three days from today, May 29, our government will enforce less stringent community quarantine measures.  Again, the aim of the quarantine is still to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

The Fear

As a parent, though, we fear for this general community quarantine (GCQ). We believe the Philippines has not flattened the curve yet.  With the number of positive cases of COVID-19 still increasing, it is challenging to ascertain we have already contained the disease. 

To flatten the curve means a slow down on the outbreak. Sadly with what is happening today, there are still reports of new cases every day.  It is just so hard to fight a virus without any idea where you will get it.  Thus, we are one with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the importance of mass testing in the fight to flatten the curve. Once we have found the carrier, we can isolate and treat them to break the chains of transmission. Detecting and treating those infected with the virus limit the spread of the disease. 

The Partnership

Just today, our favorite germ protection brand Lysol partners with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) for the Disinfect to Protect cause.  A ceremonial turnover sealed the deal between PRC and Lysol.  PRC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard J. Gordon received from Lysol the cheque amounting to P36,000,000.  Half of the donation will be used for the construction of COVID-19 mass testing centers, laboratory operations, and maintenance costs, including the hiring of personnel.    The other half will go to the COVID-19 Samaritan Fund to shoulder processing fees to test around 4,500 Filipinos from the most susceptible groups, including the elderly, pregnant women, and those with pre-existing health conditions, especially in poor communities.

Aside from the cheque donation, Lysol will turn over P5 million worth of its products to help disinfect testing laboratories.  This is to keep frontline healthcare workers and communities protected against the virus.

The Hope from Lysol-Red Cross Partnership

The Hope from Lysol-Red Cross Partnership

The Spread

With the mass testing laboratories, we believe we can now easily identify and isolate positive cases.  Case numbers are increasing by the hour, and every minute counts now. Although much is still unknown about the virus, the public believes that the virus spreads when an individual coughs or sneezes particles that carry the virus.  It then transmits when people touch the surface; there is evidence that COVID-19 can last on surfaces – especially plastic or metal – for up to three days.  Thus, aside from handwashing with soap and the use of alcohol-based sanitizer, frequent cleaning and disinfecting touched objects and surfaces is highly recommended.

The Hope

As of now, we remain confined at home and practice social distancing.  The partnership between Lysol and PRC gives us hope to control the outbreak better.  And when this happens, the government will then be able to loosen the restriction on our economy and, most importantly, on our lives.

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    Good Job Lysol and Red Cross, godbless po.


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