5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

Nov 25, 2019 | Likes, Links

We’ve been blogging for three years already, and for three years, too, we are with Masaion IT Solutions (formerly Coffeemags).  They handle our domain registration and web hosting. These two are the two vital elements in running a website.  As the domain is the address on the internet, web hosting, on the other hand, is the account on a computer where one stores and serves website files.

We have basic knowledge about blogging; thus, we must find a reliable hosting provider. More than reliability, it is essential that they are patient and considerate, too. Why? Because again, we have limited know-how about the technicalities.  With a polite web host provider, we can run to them for help to solve either big or small website issues.  And among the many choices before us, good thing we opted for Masaion.  And more than our domain registration and web hosting, Masaion provides real IT Solutions.

If you are yet to decide for your web host provider and more, we have listed here a 5-point checklist to guide you on your decision making. Again, a reliable and supportive IT Solutions provider is crucial in growing your online brand and your virtual presence.

5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

Website performance

It is the IT Solutions provider that ensures your visitors have a  smooth and hassle-free stay in your website.  This efficiency translates to a happy and high number of visits leading then to high traffic and profit revenue.

Uptime and downtime

Consistent uptime with low downtime is critical in maintaining a blog or website. Such a feature is vital as it ensures the site to stay online for visitors. This especially applies if one sells online, and obviously, no one can purchase his products or services if the website is offline.

Website security

A quality IT Solutions provider offers multiple layers of security to support your website against the threat of hacking, virus, and loss of data. With a quality provider, though, you are confident that they can restore any data loss or troubleshoot any problem. But more than that, it’s the affirmation that all your confidential databases and contents are safe with your provider. 

Professional email address

Getting a web host provider means availing your personalized email that suits with your domain.  This personalized email helps increase credibility as well as the legitimacy of your website.

Internal technical support

5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

Technical support is vital in maintaining a website.  You need to keep an excellent online brand recall and recognition. And if you can’t resolve simple technical glitches, this may cause you to lose website traffic and eventually impact your website profit negatively.  A reliable IT Solutions provider can give you this technical support.  And that’s what makes me grateful for Masaion.  They act as my internal professional team, and they deliver promptly. 

Checklist to quality IT Solutions provider

Content is just part of the equation for the success of your online presence. Website performance makes a significant difference, too, in helping you grow your online brand and virtual presence.  Remember, a smooth sailing website with a consistent uptime may help drive more views converted to sales and brand collaborations. The support of the web host in technical problems and security all the more boost you to deliver confidently and on time.  And we may say that in the three years we’ve been blogging, Masaion IT Solutions answers all these five checklists to a quality web host provider. But more than hosting our site, they provide the appropriate platform with the right tools and support.

Ow, by the way, there were many times we forgot the password of our blog, and Masaion would always be the knight in shining armour to this damsel in distress.  We got a lot of simple to complicated requests, too, and they always deliver.  Their personalized customer service is what makes them stand out among the many other web host providers.  And again, more than the domain and hosting service, they deliver IT solutions.

5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

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  1. Nhet Mendoza

    Thanks Momsh.. Share ko din to sa Husband ako para may idea sya.. balak nya magvlog or blog kung kaya namin sabi ko ang daming kumikita dto extra income na rin.. at sa pagbabasa ko sa blog mo momsh baka makatulong din po sa akin.

  2. Reynalyn Recio

    Thanks for sharing Momi Berlin! Big help po ito sa mga nagpaplanong magblog.

  3. timeless confection

    Hi Momi Berlin! 🙂 Although I have a different set of domain and web host providers, I agree that a self-hosted website is the best, most powerful option available. If I may add, the best time to purchase such services is during the Black Friday Sale that usually happens during the last week of November. This is is when prices are slashed, and you get to enjoy really amazing savings. Another tip: Get the 3 year-rate to enjoy even more fantastic discounts. 🙂


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