Month: November 2019

Let your gift soar

[tweetshare tweet="Baby eagles can never soar under their family's wing. Liu Yang " username="SPk3(ad*e([email protected]@tnlADFb9ZZc8:1:1"] This parent believes that if we want our youngsters to soar, we need to let them explore the sky.  Allow them to discover what is...

Financial literary guide for youngsters

I remembered many years ago, I borrowed from my cousin a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and a pair of white sneakers for our CAT class. It was because I didn't ask my mother to buy me any. That time, she often worries about our food for the day, and it would be too...

5-Point Checklist to Quality IT Solutions

We've been blogging for three years already, and for three years, too, we are with Masaion IT Solutions (formerly Coffeemags).  They handle our domain registration and web hosting. These two are the two vital elements in running a website.  As the domain is the...

8 Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters

There comes a stage in a toddler's life when he becomes an incredibly picky eater. Our two-year-old SumoSam can be one, and he can surprisingly survive with just breastmilk, lots of juice and water, and rice in a day.  Yes, he prefers to eat rice without any viand. ...

Creating mealtime memories

Time flies quickly. As every year passes, the months and days seem to be streaking by at warp speed. Imagine our Firstborn who can't even complete a sentence at five-year-old is now a 17-yo honors high school student. His four other brothers are growing fast, too. And...

Mrs Tourism Universe 2019 is A Friend

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind. Buddha It's true.  Peace of mind is something too aloof because we keep on hating others for their achievement while we forget or belittle our successes.  As...

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Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not everyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it. More musings and realizations, fun discoveries, and mommy tips at Momi Berlin's blog.

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