MOMI ASKS| Can a mattress reduce pregnancy back pain?

May 7, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI ASKS| Can a mattress reduce pregnancy back pain?

Pregnancy is a beautiful period for every woman. However, it’s not without its fair share of low moments. Swollen feet, cravings, weight gain, nausea, and lower back pain are just among the few challenges the expectant women experience.

Luckily, some remedies can help relieve some of these problems. Lower back, in particular, is common in almost all women because of the increasing body weight, poor posture, and stress among other factors. Quite a number of remedies are available for this problem including the choice of mattress.

Generally, even while not expectant, the quality of mattress that one picks is crucial since it could lead to lower back pain, therefore, compromising the quality of sleep.

When uncertain about getting the most suitable mattress for yourself, ideal resources will offer guidance. They give reviews, ideas, and solutions when it comes to picking a mattress and on getting quality sleeping. Lower back pain while expectant can be eased by having the right mattress. A good bed will reduce the lower back pain and here’s how:

Support and comfort

We spend approximately a 1/3 of our lives in bed; we might as well ensure that we are as comfortable as possible. For this reason, anytime when getting a mattress, check that both the quality of support and comfort are up to your standards. During pregnancy, it’s no different; the two must not be compromised.

Expectant women are advised to sleep on a firm mattress because it offers the right amount of support. A soft bed will cause your body to sink in, therefore not getting the support that it needs while at the same time giving you a poor posture. Get a mattress that will comfortably carry your weight giving you the support that you require.

Comfort is also necessary. You need a mattress that will ensure that you sleep without any strain. Can a mattress reduce lower back pain while pregnant? Yes, this is possible because a quality mattress will offer the much needed firm support while at the same time giving you comfort.

Sleeping position

Sleeping positions have a significant role to play when it comes to the overall quality of sleep we get. Your preferred sleeping position is the one that determines the type of mattress that you should purchase. Across the world, there are three prominent sleeping postures: either on your back, stomach or side. Majority of the people are side sleepers.

During pregnancy, you’re advised to sleep on your side without locking knees. Apart from being the most comfortable position, it doesn’t pose any harm to your baby. Don’t sleep on your back as it’s likely to increase back pain. Your preferred mattress should allow you to alternate between different sleeping positions without causing harm to your back.

MOMI ASKS| Can a mattress reduce pregnancy back pain?

MOMI ASKS| Can a mattress reduce pregnancy back pain?

Once you’ve gotten yourself a firm enough mattress and sleep on the advised position, your bed will be among the remedies that help ease your back pain. A good mattress that suits your sleeping position offers the best support and comfort! Therefore, you won’t strain your back.

Pillow support

Pillow support while sleeping during pregnancy is essential, primarily because of your increased weight, which the body can no longer comfortably support. This means that as you lie on your side, you’ll have to add extra pillow support. A good firm mattress will be an excellent boost. However, additional pillows will help enhance the support and increase comfort.

Once you have your mattress, you can add pillows for lower back backing, and the pelvis. Adding pillows between your legs also helps with the back pain and support. Using a bolster is a good idea especially during pregnancy. They do an excellent job of proving support while reducing back pain.

Can a mattress reduce pregnancy back pain?

The mattress that you choose to use during your pregnancy is just as important. The right bed will do an excellent job of reducing your back pain while giving you the much-needed comfort. Get a firm enough mattress that will compliment your side sleeping posture and support your weight. A good mattress together with excellent pillow support is a great remedy for back pain. Therefore, yes, a mattress will reduce back pain during pregnancy!

MOMI ASKS| Can a mattress reduce pregnancy back pain?



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