MOMI TIPS| Traveling with toddlers

Mar 4, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| Traveling with toddlers

MOMI SHARES| Traveling with toddlers

Kids are awesome travel companions.  However, there are challenges one faces when traveling with children especially the young ones.  Either the trip is by plane or car or even just pushing the kids around with the stroller, it is prudent to plan it seriously.   We have a few tips you may take into consideration to ensure that the trip remains enjoyable and not messed up.  Remember, a well-organized trip is most likely to turn out fun.  

Do proper packing

The biggest mistake that one can do is to allow kids pack for themselves. Always ensure and confirm that the essentials like clothes, toothbrush, and soaps are intact and packed in their bags. This prevents inconveniences.

For babies, ensure to carry enough diapers, bottles, and wipes.

It is prudent to start packing at least a week before the trip.  This is to ensure that everything you need is inside the bag.

Do early research on the accommodations

The apartment ought to be a kid-friendly apartment.  The trip will be more memorable if the place where you will stay is equipped with safe playing accessories like swing and slide.  This is to keep the child entertained throughout your stay. 

If it is a flat, confirm that there are enough and comfortable rooms including the kitchen, bathroom, and even the living room so that the trip would look like a home away from home.

Bring medicine

The place where you will temporarily stay may have different temperature and climate.  This change in temperature or weather may make a child unwell.  It is advisable then to bring medicine for first aid. Likewise, it is important to do a research on the availability of good hospitals within the hotel or apartment you will be staying.  This makes it easier in case of an emergency.

Carry plastic bags

Often, the owners of the apartment provide such but it may happen that you would require more than what has been provided.  You can use them even for packing dirty clothes.  Doing so makes unpacking easier as dirty and unused clothes are packed separately.  

Do not let the kids be bored

MOMI SHARES| Traveling with toddlers

MOMI SHARES| Traveling with toddlers

Carry as many toys as possible to ensure that your toddler will be entertained throughout the trip.  Have an assortment of toys and do not forget to bring, too, your child’s favorites.  

When onboard a plane, it is prudent to check with the airline if there are in-flight entertainment.  If none, then bring your toddler’s favorite storybook or puzzle piece.  Or you may opt to bring an iPad to keep your little one entertained throughout the flight.  Make sure though that the iPad has lots of movies and games for your toddler to enjoy.

Train the kids to keep journals 

Traveling may not be appealing to a child.  To make him look forward to traveling and staying in new places, introduce to him the fun side of using a journal.  This is to record an event or two that he enjoyed from the start of the trip to the end. This may include his favorite food, the places he visited, and the people he met.  If you went to a wildlife adventure, he may journal the different animals he saw.

Make sure the passports are updated

Before the trip, check your little one’s passport.  You might have overlooked it expired already and needs renewal.  It is prudent to confirm early on – about three weeks before the travel – to avoid last minute rush.  Such kind may bring inconvenience on your part and possibly, even postpone the journey. 

Traveling with toddlers

MOMI SHARES| Traveling with toddlers

MOMI SHARES| Traveling with toddlers

When traveling and taking a vacation, it has always been everyone’s aim to enjoy to the fullest.  Make sure though that you have planned everything smoothly and also considered the needs of your little one who will be joining the trip.  Because when the toddler is happy, all the more that the elders are happier.  It takes proper planning and a little discipline. 


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