SCHOOL PROJECTS| how mongo seeds grow?

Jan 12, 2017 | Life, Only Berlin

I guess planting mongo seeds is one of our Science teacher’s favorite projects.  I planted a mongo seed when I was in grade school.  My boys were also asked to grow one.

To help students do their research and experiment, this momi shares her son’s  Science project on How Mongo Seeds Grow.



How mongo seeds grow? Cover page

How mongo seeds grow?  A Root emerges


How mongo seeds grow? Shedding the Seed Husk


How mongo seeds grow?


How mongo seeds grow?


How mongo seeds grow?



There.  Hope this helps.  And enjoy planting that mongo seed.


  1. Bhusha

    Wow! This is a very nice way of introducing kids to botany, plants, taking care of plants, growing plants etc. We have a celebration here called Navarathri Kolu and we sprinkle musturd seeds like this to grow them indoor to make a patch of green grass!

  2. Pia

    oh cool! This just triggered so many childhood memories!! I remember having to grow mongo seeds several times for a variation of experiments in gradeschool. I recall the excitement that i felt when i grew my first one. Then later on, we even built complicated maze boxes to learn about the relationship between sunlight and plants and all that stuff. I vaguely remember killing a bunch of them too- I definitely did not have a green thumb. Hehehe. Thanks for sharing this Berlin! Definitely a trip back to memory lane for me:)

  3. Michi (@michisolee)

    I did this when I was in 1st yr HS. My son had this project naman when he was in nursery, they just use cotton balls, water and monggo. And because of that project, my son doesn’t like to eat monggo because it will grow in his tummy daw. hehehe!


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