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Oct 24, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

I found a community of mommies that truly understand the demands of motherhood and the passion for blogging. We share the same love for our kids and perhaps the eagerness to let them have fun the best way possible.  We are the type of parents who write about those fun events, too.

Two Saturdays ago, we met over some overflowing hotdogs, chocolates, and chips.  We just celebrated an early Halloween Party. Real fun, boisterous laughter, and heartfelt exchanges of hellos, how are yous, and ’til we see each other again filled the room.  Everybody went home tired but definitely happy.  Again, we have something to blog about.

MBP Mad Hatter Halloween Party

MBP Mad Hatter Halloween Party| Enjoying the photobooth with fellow mommy bloggers Madz, Nilyn, and Melisa.

Dubbed “The Mad Hatter Halloween Party,” the event was attended by about 40 blogger moms and their kids plus a few husbands. Everyone greeted everybody with hugs and warm hellos. The day’s highlight was the parade of kids flaunting their best Halloween costumes and hats. And before the party wrapped up, the host announced the best costume for both male and female. The kid with the most creative hat also received recognition and a price. By the way, none other than Mommy Bloggers Philippines  (MBP) community manager Lani Luch hosted the MBP Halloween Party.  Two other MBP administrators – Mommy Louisa Mercado and Mommy Joy Gurtiza -were, of course, present to help make the program lighthearted, entertaining, and truly memorable.

MBP Mad Hatter Halloween Party

MBP Mad Hatter Halloween Party| My firstborn as Harry Potter

Have I mentioned the mommies and even the kids went home overjoyed?  Generous sponsors were aplenty. Each mom’s treat or trick bags were filled with loots from chips, chocolates, hotdogs, cupcakes to boxes of milk, chocolate drinks and orange drinks, and even kiddie bag and lunch kit.  And because the venue was at The Mind Museum, each received an all day pass at the museum. We likewise got tickets to its  soon to come Science Circus exhibit.

My list of “thank you very much” will be definitely long. But with all sincerity, this momi would love to thank the following for their generosity and support. You certainly made our kids and us moms excited to be home and share our take home goodies with our family.

The Mind Museum Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Mekeni Picnic Hotdog Website / Facebook
Tupperware Tupperware  Products / Baby Products / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Lemon Square Whattatops Product / Facebook
Aquabest Website / Facebook
Richprime Website / Facebook  
R Verdice Photography Facebook 
Okasyon Filipinas (Balloon décor) Facebook  
Peekabooth (Photobooth) Facebook  
Stuffink (MBP keychains) Facebook 
Sweet Art (Personalized Candy Bars) Facebook / Facebook  
Glass of Sweets: Desserts and Treats (dessert table) Facebook 
Recipe Co (themed cake and cupcakes by stage) Facebook 
Work of Love (demented cupcakes in dome containers) Facebook


  1. Michi

    My son just mentioned last night that we forgot to attend Trick or Treat event. hehehe! I did not plan anything because he has check-up last Saturday and most event that I knew, October 29 ang date. I hope next year, we can join MBP trick or treat event.

  2. Gilian

    Love these MBP events. Makes me wish I was there. 🙂 It’s true and encouraging to see like-minded moms whose focus is the family and how to make them happy. 🙂

  3. juvy ann

    MBP events are so must attend. It was unfortunate this one coincided with my dad’s birthday weekend. Hopefully I will be available in next time.

  4. Neri Ann

    This is the event that I am super duper tired! Grabe buong araw lang akong habol ng habol sa mga anak ko! It was fun! Next year ulet! 😀

  5. Janice

    When I missed the MBP halloween last year I told myself I’d join this year. However, I still missed it. Hay, it looks so much fun pa naman.

  6. Nina Sogue

    I’m so inggit that I missed this party 🙁 I really hope I get to join next time. It looked fun! And maeenjoy na ni Santi next time 😛

    Nina Sogue |

  7. Michelle

    I initially planned on attending the MBP’s Mad Hatter Halloween Party. But the preggy hormones got on the way and also the husband got sick on the day of the party so parang naisip ko na lang din na kaya siguro hindi ako natuloy magbayad for a slot kasi magkakasakit pala si husband. At mahirap naman magbyahe ng toddler tapos buntis pa ako. Haha! Sayang. Hopefully next year, I can attend and bring my then 2 babies at the party. I saw a lot of posts and ang daming freebies! Hihi

  8. Madz

    Glad we went to the event! I had a great time. I hope we can join next year too! And I agree, the sponsors were pretty generous.

  9. Maan

    Harry Potter will always be an awesome, timeless costume! I don’t consider myself a fan but I want my son to go as Harry Potter next year (that is, unless he insists on being a policeman haha). Lovely MBP party as always!


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