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Oct 5, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

When we had our firstborn, we bought a whistling kettle.  We always use freshly boiled water to make powdered formula milk for our precious son.  We used that same whistling kettle for our second boy and even for the third child.  It was that durable — truly made from high quality materials and built to last. Honestly, it was my favorite kitchen aid.  Until Ondoy came and a few of our appliances and houseware products were submerged in the flood.  My favorite kettle included.

We bought a new one.  And we made sure to get the same brand.   We bought a new OMEGA whistling kettle.

Built to last

From our experience, we know that this brand truly understands our need.  It suits our everyday lifestyle.  Or simply, it is a name we can trust.

Very timely then that I got an invitation from Much Prosperity Trading International, Inc. (MPTII).  MPTII, the company behind the house brand recently launched a new logo for OMEGA.  And together with that new brand logo was its new tagline, too  – Modern everyday solutions.

built to last

Omega Houseware, built to last.

The new logo stated that change is good and so is innovation.   The company is committed to adapt to changes and future innovations. Afterall, it has always been their aim to provide modern everyday solutions to the ever changing lifestyle of the Filipino family.

In his speech during the launch, MPTII President Mr. Morris T. Ong revealed that OMEGA has been a house brand for over 18 years.  And they constantly do research and continuously discover modern product development strategies.  This is in order for them to create new high quality products that can cater to the ever-changing lifestyle and dynamic needs of Filipino families.

Built to last

Four generations of Ongs, proposing a toast for change and innovation.

And I agree with Mr. Ong.  Of all the other house brands we have, OMEGA is one of the few that can withstand the test of time. It is because the owners are not afraid of change.  They continuously develop and  provide the Filipino market with practical products that do not compromise quality.

OMEGA is one houseware brand of  our choice.  Its high quality-products suit our dynamic needs.   Make it yours, too.

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OMEGA Facebook / showroom is at 565 Muelle de Binondo cor. San Nicolas St. Binondo, Manila

This momi did not receive compensation to write this post.  She got an invitation to attend the brand’s logo launch from Light Network Channel 33 – “Magaan Dito Kaibigan,” the official media partner of the event.  



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