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Jul 15, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

Let me tell you something about me.

I am one of those moms who would love to have her own small garden of herbs and vegetables. That each morning, I would harvest my own eggplants and squash or anything I prefer to prepare for my family. That I could ask my little boy to pick for me some calamansi or tomatoes at our small garden anytime I please. And that I need not buy dried and bottled herbs as I could always have them readily available in our own herb pots.

Sadly, we do not have a big yard for that dream. Despite that, though, I have tried a dozen times to grow some onions and calamansi and even tomatoes. We have a tiny space in front of our small house to grow some.  I even tried the mongo experiment of my boys, but all to no avail.

I kept on buying seeds despite that. I even bought a small calamansi plant so I could just continue at home. And yes, got a number of flowers as well to welcome in butterflies and help me with my gardening. Again, everything to no avail.

I simply watched them slowly die.  This does not discourage this momi to still hang beautiful plant baskets at our front porch.  I have a picture of what I would want our front porch to look like–

MOMI LEARNS| How to grow your own organic Plants

MOMI LEARNS| How to grow your own organic Plants

Then I see hope. I chance upon what I believe is the fulfillment of that dream. (And I take this dream seriously. I guess we all have our own funny or hard-to-get dream).

It says-

A practical, simple, humble, and downright awesome organic grow-kit that has everything you need to feel happy, fulfilled and connected with your inner self and with Mother Nature.

My first Sow and Grow Organic Grow Kits.

I open the cute box containing the following-

MOMI LEARNS| How to grow your own organic Plants

Inside a recycled kraft box are the following: plant market, fertilizer, soil, coconut husk pot and your preferred seeds

The kit also has an easy-to-follow guide on how to prepare, grow, and sustain my very own plant.

Afraid to make mistakes, I carefully follow the instruction.

1st stage: Prepare

After transferring the soil to the environmentally friendly coconut pot, one needs to slightly press the mixture to eliminate stubborn air pockets then dampen it with water to provide the right environment for seeds to germinate.  For my tomato plant, I drop a minimum of five seeds into the pot and cover it with soil, the thickness not exceeding its diameter. I water the pot very lightly then seal it with plastic. I also spray water on the plastic (moist side inside) and seal it with a rubber band. It is explained that this will help retain the moisture that the seeds need to germinate properly. Regularly, I remove the wrap to moist the plastic then seal the pot again. By the way, aside from the tomato seeds, I also requested for sunflower.

I feel like an expectant mom once again as I regularly visit my pots to see if sprouts start to emerge.

2nd stage: Grow

And on the third day, the first tiny stems begin to show up. I remove the wrap; this also signifies that the germination is over.  Leaves are starting to form and the soil needs to be kept moist to aid the growing plant. I water my seedlings very lightly in the morning and in the late afternoon. This is to maintain its moisture.

There are about five seedlings in each pot and inasmuch as I would love to see them all grow, I need to pull out the weakest of all (this is called thinning). Why? Plants need space, too! It is advisable to have one seedling per pot only. And the strongest and healthiest of all is the true leaf.

How to differentiate the true leaf? When seedlings sprout, often there are two sets of leaves that form first. They look almost four-leaf clover-like. A few days later, a third single leaf will emerge that does not look like the first two. That is the first true leaf.

3rd step: Sustain

Two important things to do are hydrate and fertilize. It is crucial to keep the soil damp but not soaked. Tomatoes grow best in a well-drained soil and same with sunflower.

MOMI LEARNS| How to grow your own organic Plants

Only the one true leaf left inside the coconut husk pot.


Frequent watering tends to wash out nutrients from the pot’s soil. It is best to apply fertilizer 14-21 days after the emergence of sprout and every 15 days. For its nutrient requirement, the soil needs about five to 10 durabloom pellets only. One needs to crush the pellets and sprinkle them indirectly around the tomato. It is a must as well to water the plant after each fertilizer application.

I am yet to see my tomatoes grow some flowers ( 45-50 days after thinning) and reach about six feet tall. The wait is still long and it is teaching me patience. I would want to harvest my own organic tomatoes and taste the fruit of that passion. That finally, after so many attempts, I have grown some vegetables and flowers, too.  To help you further in building your garden bed, you may want to check this article I happen to chance upon.  You will certainly not get disappointed with the valuable information coming from top experts all around the globe.

I plan to order more seeds and grow basil, eggplant, and hot pepper.  I am more confident now to grow my favorite vegetables and spices.  Before, I did not even know what overwatering was.  I always wet the soil for fear that the plant would get thirsty.  Now, I learned that soil constantly wet will not have enough air pockets and the roots cannot breathe. And roots that cannot breathe are stressed roots.

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My thank you to Sow and Grow Organic Grow Kits for guiding me.  Seriously, I take planting seriously.

Want your own Sow and Grow Organic Grow Kits? Call them now and share your dream with them.  They, too, have a dream of a more emotionally connected Manila, the kind of city where plants are grown by its dwellers. A city where every plant and greenery has a story.

What is your dream?  Share us your story.

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  1. Ronnie Epsi

    I would love to grow my own herbs and veggies! What better than using delicious, fresh, organic home-grown food? They make for the best ingredients!

    • momi berlin

      Indeed. And they are all pretty to look. Excited to harvest them soonest.

  2. Amazing Life Daily

    Hi, Berlin. That is nice. An easy way to grow plants. Pero here’s the thing. Before growing one, people should also make sure they would have adequate space to transplant later. Otherwise, sayang lang diba? Either merong garden sa house, or a large pot could work, depending on the variety of the plant.

    • momi berlin

      Thats the thing. I would then invest sa pots para di masayang ang effort and the plants. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. A Busy Bees Life

    This a great and easy way to learn step by step. We have a garden where we could actually grow so many different things but until now have only been planting flowers. I like the way this is outlined – kids in school would benefit form learning something like this.

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    These grow kits sound like a great way to start growing your own organic plants. I love the coconut pots which I never heard of but is a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing these kits I am going to have to check out for sure.

  5. Jessica Ayun

    I am not a mum but it has been my dream as well. I could not do it in the Philippines. Luckily, when I moved abroad to study, I could fulfill that dream a bit. Living alone gave me the great feeling of harvesting herbs and veggies from the balcony. I will check these kits anyway. 🙂

  6. Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan

    My grandma has a green thumb and she can make anything grow, be it flowers, herbs, or fruit bearing plants so I got inspired and tried gardening early this year. Lo and behold, almost every plant died. I feel like it’s not for me but it’s fun to learn and relaxing to plant. Goodluck on your organic planting journey! 🙂

    • momi berlin

      Thank you and i hope they grow. If ever, this would be my first ever healthy plant.

  7. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

    How I wish I could raise these at the place I’m staying at. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. I like how cute the box looks and sounds like from in and out. Comparing the eagerness to an expectant mom is one of the best things I’ve read here and here I am, thinking of getting a starter box like that!

    • momi berlin

      I agree. If there’s a will, there’s a way. We have a very small space outside the house and yet i still push for this.

  8. Nica

    YAY! I love this post girl! I sooooo need this. I used to buy A LOT of plants from SM or market but they will all be dead half of the week. So I am actually looking for tips like this! You made them look so beautiful! Will bookmark this post for my future plants arrangement 🙂

    • momi berlin

      Thank you. You could get your seeds at MnlGrowKits. They are amiable.

  9. Zwitsy

    This reminds me a lot of my childhood. I remember when I was still in grade school, I always buy seeds from the one who randomly visits our school yearly. He sells varieties of seeds. Only if I have enough time, I would definitely be going back to planting organic plants.

  10. Marge Gavan

    They say that people like you, those who can grow plants have green thumbs. I wonder what do they call people like me then, those who kill plants lol. I’m not sure why but I can’t see to keep a plant alive let alone grow one. I didn’t inherit my father’s ability. When he was still alive, he would grow whatever plant that he likes. We even had guyabano in our backyard then. But maybe I just lack the proper education to do it. Maybe with your tips, if I follow them correctly I’d be able to grow a plant.

  11. Charm Gamboa

    Is this for real?! I can grow a sun flower!!!!! I really want sun flowers on my garden, but I think it will die because of the weather. Anyway, I checked their website already and excited to buy one! Please update us with your plants progress, especially the sunflower 🙂

    • momi berlin

      Yes, surely I will. You may also check my ig @momiberlin as i usually update there 🙂 have fun with your sunflower.


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