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May 13, 2016 | Love, Only Berlin

I hope you are still enjoying my compilation of anecdotes.  This is seriously eating up my time, but I am having fun.   My boys are perhaps complaining as well.  I  use their laptop most of the time.  And funny that they would stare at each other when they hear me laugh while typing.

Hopefully, this would be the last two of my 10-part collection.  Enjoy!


August 12, 2013


Anecdotes on Wonderwoman

What are you doing there beside my sauce canister, Wonderwoman?

No doubt, it must have been one of the boys.  And who among the three? That I have to ask around.


September 24, 2013, Bedtime

Bunso:  Look at my front tooth, mama.  It is starting to grow.

Momi:  Yes, I could see it now, bunso.  But why that shape? (seems like his front tooth is coming out-of-place).

Bunso:  Hay, mama.  You’re right (then sad long face).  But we could always resort to ….(thinking) What do you call that again? …. Braces? (gleeful and super bright face)

Momi:  (gulps for air).

October 1, 2013

The kids and I were watching the news.   Everyone was quiet.  Then bunso broke the silence with his funny remark:  “Jinggoy?!  Haha!  What a funny name.”

Bunso’s laughter was contagious.  This mother laughed as well.

No offense to the bearer of the name (who, by the way, is a senator and son of a former Vice President of the Philippines).

ANECDOTES ON KALAONG (kalawang / rust)

October 18, 2013

On our way to the mall to do our monthly grocery.

bunso:  Do you know how to get tetanus?

Momi:  How?

Bunso:  First, you cut yourself using a scissors with kalaong.  Then  you will get tetanus.  And so, you need to be treated immediately — about an hour — or else you will die.

Momi:  A little confused.  Kalaong?  What is kalaong?

Bunso:  Rust, mama.  Rust.

Momi:  Oh, rust.  just like KALUPAN for kalimutan; TOOLBERONE for TOBLERONE; MAMANOK for MANOK.

Surely, our bunso is learning so many words na.


January 22, 2014


ANECDOTES from upside down

My ten-year-old boy is watching some cartoons on Cartoon Network. And he prefers watching with his head downwards.  Sometimes,  I can’t understand what my kids are up to that they give me headaches.  And many times during those instances, I just keep mum with fear that their answers would give more headaches.


March 6, 2014


This mother is in her usual space reading a book when her little bunso approaches her.

“I miss Angel,” he says.

“Yes, I always miss her.  Very dearly,”  my reply.  “And if she is alive, we now have a baby in the house,” I add.

“Yes, if she lives, we now have someone we could ask to run errands for us,” he says.

That confirms all.

* Angel – our baby we lost from missed abortion last 2013.



January 30, 2015


Morning conversation with Bunso.

This mother saw her bunso fixing his hair in front of the mirror.

Momi:  Do you believe you’re handsome?

Bbunso:  Yes.  Many of my friends and classmates would tell I am “pogi”.  They said I look like Daniel Padilla.

Momi:  And you believe them?

Bunso:  Of course!  I don’t have any reasons not to believe.

And so that’s the confidence my nine-year-old boy will carry as he attends his class today.



January 31, 2015


Dinner with boys

Momi:  Second son, you clean the table then wash the dishes.  Got it?

Second son:  Yes, mama.

Momi:  Bunso, clean the water container then refill water.

Bunso:  Ok.

Momi:  After our dinner you go upstairs, firstborn, and fold clothes.  Our clothes have been there for days already.

Firstborn:  How about you, mama?  What will you do?

And so, my firstborn is starting to question my decisions and he is just 12 years old.



February 15, 2015


Sunday lunch with the boys.  Husband and Bunso were on a school educational field trip.

Momi:  Second son, clean the table and put in a small container all left over.

Second son: Opo  , mama.

Momi:  Firstborn, you wash the dishes.

Firstborn:  Ok.

Second son:  While mama will take a rest and sleep for about six hours.

And so, it’s not only firstborn questioning me.  Even second son took notice of my long “nap.”  And he even computed how long I usually take my nap.

* Disclaimer:  (hehe, this momi was very much pregnant that time.)


February 2, 2015


Anecdotes on return the gift

My bunso had his educational field trip at the Paradise Adventure Camp in Bulacan last Sunday. His papa went with him.  Later that night, my son told me he thought of me while at the Adventure Camp. As a result, he made a bracelet for me. Before we sleep, though, he took back the bracelet.  He asked if he could have it for himself instead


February 23, 2015

Saturday lunch time.

I excused myself as I need to look after the tinolang manok I was cooking for dinner.  Less than a minute after I stood, I heard the three boys laughing.  They were playing the longest burp wins.

Funny how kids could invent a simple game and still be so head over heels crazy about it.

March 6, 2015

There sat on top of our dining table a whole round rainbow birthday cake.  Our refrigerator can’t accommodate it anymore as there were two more whole cakes inside.  Mother just celebrated her 60th birthday and some of her friends gifted her with cakes.

And so there was the cake.  And a few minutes after, small ants formed a line from the ceiling down to the edge of the dining table going to the box of cake.

I said in awe, “these ants can really smell sweets even at long distance.   I really commend them for their  hard work.”  Most of them gather food for the colony.  I read from a literature before that when an ant finds food, it lays down a scent for others to follow to the food source.

My bunso must have heard my comment as he went near me to say something.  “Mama, ants are like those in walking dead.  They all hunt food to survive.”


March 11, 2015

Had a little situation at the small house last Monday.

Bunso:  Kuya Firstborn, hurry up!  I need to use the comfort room.

Second son:  No!  I will use it first.

Bunso:  Oh please.  Me first.  I have diarrhea.

Second son:  Ow, congratulations!

Such a sarcastic way to support your little brother, second son.  Or was it one of the unfavorable effects of only one comfort room in the small house?


April 15, 2015

Saturday lunch.

Bunso shared something worth reflecting.  He had this monologue about television ad.

Question:  Why do you need to go to school?

Answer:  So you could get a job.
Question:  Why do you need a job?
Answer:  So you could earn money.
Question:  Why do you need money?
Answer:  So you could buy the things that the TV wants you to buy.
Bunso: You see, mama, all those are mere advertisements.  Those companies just want our hard-earned money.  Don’t let yourself be fooled.
I may be fooled once but no one can fool my boy.  Good thing he is always by my side to constantly remind his mama to think twice of those advertisements .


September 8, 2015

How will I ever forget August?  So many historical events plus this very special birthday —


Anecdotes / My son wrote: August 27, 2002: Ang Kaarawan ni Miguel (Birthday of Miguel).

About three weeks ago, we were reviewing for the boys’ first periodical examination. Then I happened to read this “inscription” in his Aralin Panlipunan book.

This gave me a real good laugh!  Most of the time, children do or say things matter-of-factly.  And they have no idea that those are the craziest things ever.   I so love my boys!



  1. Louisa Mercado (@2livelovelaugh5)

    I find it amazing that you are able to keep these anecdotes I wish I was able to do the same. The kids would have a laugh about them when they’re all grown up.

    • momi berlin

      They will surely find it hard to imagine they were that crazy during that time. Or they might deny all those funny antics and anecdotes.

  2. Sam Coronado (@followyouroad)

    This is a great way to record your sons thoughts. I’m sure you will have a laugh when you read back. It’s also a way to record your thoughts as a mom. Kids really teach adults the same way as we teach ’em. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Such sweet and sometimes teary laughers. I love them so much And enjoy spending time with them 🙂

  3. Nilyn Matugas

    Braces daw, sis, Braces! hahaha. Natawa ako sa kalaong! Ang kulit ni Daniel! May utang pa ako sayo, di pa ako nakakapag reciprocate dun sa post mo. Gawin ko this week, promise! huhuhaha! Kisses to kids! Can’t wait for Yael’s anecdotes. hehe.

    • momiberlin

      Omg! Cant wait for Yael’s nga. Hahaha. And on the braces! Sus! Mahal. Madadaan pa yan sa toothbrush. Hahhaa

  4. Orana Velarde

    These are so wonderful! do you keep a a handwritten journal with all these in them? Your kids will be lucky to have these when they are older. It’s one thing to scroll through Facebook but nothing compares to actual handwritten memories, they hold more truth I think. Keep this up, it’s a great series.

  5. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    I enjoyed reading this honestly.. Glad that you still find time journaling all of these. You bunso sounds cute to me. How old is he again?
    What you’re doing is actually brilliant. Time will come when you’re no longer able to do all these things you can go back to these pages and says, ah! I have lived a wonderful life with my children! Cause i have seen them grow and learned a lot.. Not all parents gets the chance to be really with their kids.. As in really into their lives.. Good job Mommy! 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. Journalizing is a habit I used to do before. Now, I have difficulty remembering those instances and moments. Good thing I was able to make an account of those anecdotes. Gives me a good laugh from time to time.


    As always its such a pleasure to read the bits and pieces of anecdotes you compiled. I was going to comment on one anecdote and decided to focus on another, and then finally, I am focusing on one only.

    Do not be fooled by the companies wanting to take away your hard earned money. Listen to your kid! LOL!

  7. Maria

    Reading your anecdotes makes me get to know you better. Behind the blog, there’s a mom who really enjoys bonding with her sons and share funny moments together. Kids are the purest and most innocent and could say anything and still get away with it. Haha! I believe that they say these and make us realize that as young as they are, they have a grasp of the reality that there is.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. I used to bond with them a lot when they were little boys pa. Now, they prefer to play the piano or guitar or just watch Discovery Channel tv programs. Writing those anecdotes makes me long for those days.

  8. Ferna

    A perfect way to update every now and then, to keep track on your son’s progress. Reading these anecdotes is making me feel that I’m also raising a wonderful child. 🙂 it is such an inspiration.

  9. Ann Balisbis

    Hahahaha the kalaong and toolberone made me LOL. hahahaha sooo cuuute! I also love doing this with my conversations with my family because it made things more memorable. haha I just hope that your son’s teeth didn’t grow out-of-place because it’s really hard to wear braces. hehe

    • momiberlin

      Hahaha. I am missing the kalaong and toolberone. Kids can be really funny with how they pronounce words.

  10. Nya

    Aww, it’s so heart warming, adorable and funny at the same time! I love those anecdotes, makes me look forward to the time where I have kids too (uhmm one day 🙂
    I can imagine how amazing will be to look back to this after a few years.

    • momiberlin

      It is fun to be in a house full of kids. They can be trained easily. Patience though is needed. And with them, most of the time you could only laugh. Ihihi

  11. Alyssa Tuangco

    I enjoy your anecdotes. Lalo na yung KALAONG, so so cute! I actually smiled reading these 🙂 Plus your boy who is very pogi na kamukha ni daniel padilla, A for that confidence 😀

    • momiberlin

      So I have a son na kahawig ni Daniel Padilla?! Di ko man lang napansin un a. Ihihi. Thanks.

  12. Joanna

    They are very funny, they always know what to answer to make you laugh. It’s good that your little one wants braces. They are amazing in creating that perfect Hollywood smile! I wish I had them when I was little 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Haha. I have to check with husband if we could afford one. Ihihi. It was also one of my wishes before in high school. Ihihi


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