MOMI MUSINGS/ Stop and smell the roses.

May 2, 2016 | Only Berlin

There will always be dust to sweep, plates to clean, and clothes to wash. It seems there is no end to all those household chores. And I am always in a race against time. Time, though, continues to tick and just as always, I am exhausted come bedtime. Perhaps, I am doing everything wrong.

More often than not, I don’t get to enjoy even my meal because I am always in a hurry. I eat in haste because I need to wash the dishes asap so I could clean the house before my little one wakes up. I may be even lucky to have my breakfast at 11am with all the cleaning to be done plus the baby who doesn’t want to be left alone in bed. And before the sun sets, Yael should be in bed before his brothers arrive from school so I could help them with their homework. Sometimes, I don’t get to enjoy nursing my baby. I am always in a rush. And these stress me so much.

Then I remember the roses my husband would give me. I remember the walks I did when I just want to unwind.

I need to stop for a while and smell the roses.

Yes, there will always be dust to sweep, plates to clean, and clothes to wash. And if I continue to overthink, complain, and stress out myself because of these chores, I may end up not enjoying the things that are meant to be enjoyed. I can’t compete with time. But I can enjoy it instead and have a productive life.

mama and yael

Our Yael at two months and a half.  Pretty much the same — still prefers to be beside his mama all the time.  



I will stop now and smell the roses.

Hoping you all a wonderful Tuesday morning. And yes, you too may need to stop for a while and relax. It’s only through the silence that we could truly appreciate God’s gifts to us.

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