MOMI MUSING:  A week or two, FINALLY.

Jul 31, 2015 | Only Berlin


I am having that contraction again.  You must be very excited to see our world and meet that brother who would always kiss you and whisper just anything before sleep.  You must be very excited as we are.

So we visited our doctor.  We learned that, thank God, you’ve turned around. Our doctor said there was a slim chance that you would turn a somersault inside my womb at 35 weeks.  But then when we had our internal examination yesterday, our kind OB relayed that you are now head-down.

And you are very much ready to go out.  Just anytime, we are waiting for your signal.

It must have been that last week when you decided to turn.  You must have loved that music we constantly listen together.  Or you must have been encouraged by your father’s voice who would talk soothingly to you to turn around.  We can’t dismiss the fact as well that God has been very good to us and heard our prayers, too.

As we progress, i could feel that Braxton Hicks contraction.  Sometimes it hurts I would cry.  Yesterday, the OB told us that within a couple of weeks of our due date, my cervix would likely begin to gradually soften up in preparation for labor.  She warned me the contraction would get more intense and frequent.  And I am ready.  I would very much welcome that discomfort  as I know those contractions would help my cervix to thin out and even open up.

Next week, we will visit our doctor again.  She would check if you are ready.  And if you would ask me, I am more than ready.

Hold on there, Yael.  One more week or two and we would see you, finally.


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