Palawan studes win in Shell NXplorers for agri innovation concept

May 19, 2023 | Likes

An all-female student team from Palawan emerged as the grand prize winner in the recently concluded Shell NXplorers: The Bright Ideas Challenge (TBIC). Their groundbreaking agricultural innovation concept aims to tackle the field’s surplus, shortage, and supply issues.

Palawan students win in Shell NXplorers for agri innovation idea

FarmHer Innovators conducted ocular surveys and observations in their community to identify three key problems. Their project consists of two components: the Veggie Crate Tracker, which measures produce weight and freshness, and the Mark-It App, which notifies market vendors about harvest descriptions and tracks surplus and shortage in each cluster.

Shell NXplorers 2023

Shell NXplorers 2023, a platform fostering positive change through young talents, selected ten finalist teams out of 30 proposals. Each team focused on sustainable, innovative projects addressing food, water, and energy challenges. The top five student teams with the most innovative projects were recognized in the culmination activity held in Makati City on May 12.

Palawan students win in Shell NXplorers for agri innovation idea

The panel of judges included Paulo Gavino, Business Advisor for the Office of the Country Chair of Shell companies in the Philippines; Stanley Siahetiong, Sustainability Manager for Shell Pilipinas Corporation; Eliza Peralta, Senior Education Program Specialist of the Department of Education (DepEd); Zen Dimalanta, Program Director of the Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev); and Engr. Marvin Dela Cruz, Senior Science Research Specialist of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Serge Bernal, Vice President for Corporate Relations of Shell Pilipinas Corporation, encouraged the participating students to embrace their potential as future scientists and engineers, highlighting their power to positively impact the Philippines and the world.

The young innovators

As the grand winner of The Bright Ideas Challenge (TBIC), Team FarmHer Innovators received a cash prize of Php 100,000, while their school received Php 50,000 to enhance its STEM program.

The first runner-up was Team Maomag from Tagbilaran City Science High School in Bohol, awarded Php 70,000, with their school receiving Php 35,000. Their project, Sawod-Lawod, utilizes a solar-and-wind-powered desalination technique to convert seawater into drinkable water, benefiting the residents of Batasan Island.

The second runner-up, Team Portabio from Gusa Regional Science High School in Cagayan de Oro, received Php 50,000, and their school was granted Php 25,000. Their project aims to provide portable renewable energy by utilizing wasted food as a source for portable power banks.

Two teams were awarded the Merit Award. Team Intellihenyo from Philippine Science High School- Cagayan Valley Campus in Nueva Vizcaya received Php 20,000 for their project, IntelliOutlet. This device enables remote electrical appliance control and measures electricity usage through a messaging app called Telegram.

The second Merit Award recipient was Team Thinkerbells from Puerto Princesa City National Science High School in Palawan. Their project, Seament: Seashells as Cement Powder, reduces waste in landfills by crushing discarded seashells and replacing them with traditional cement production materials like limestone.

long-term impacts on agriculture, energy, and sustainability

Palawan students win in Shell NXplorers for agri innovation idea

Shell NXplorers allowed winning student teams to participate in the Shell NXplorers Student Carnival on an international stage. Filipino STEM students joined their global counterparts in showcasing their projects, aiming to create long-term impacts on industries such as agriculture, energy, and sustainability.

The 2022 Student Carnival, held on November 17, featured international Shell NXplorers student groups from six countries, including the two representatives from the Philippines: Team Agriserve, the grand winner of the 2021 Philippine Shell NXplorers, and Team El Terratix, the second-place winner who also received an Award of Excellence in the Global Bright Ideas Challenge.

Since its establishment in 2019, Shell NXplorers has trained 1,839 high school students and 269 teachers from 75 schools. To learn more about Shell NXplorers, visit their website:


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