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Oct 31, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

My mom and I went grocery shopping the other day.  The boys were all at husband’s province so I spent the night at my mom’s house. Of course, the little man was with me.

There was really no special occasion to celebrate but that day, we felt like opening a bottle of sparkling juice.  Perhaps, we would like to toast for having the house so quiet.  Or celebrate our little man’s improved milestone –  he could walk far from what he usually can. We put inside our shopping cart a bottle of May Sparkling Juice.  It is a non-alcoholic drink that one can always pop open to toast to life’s daily success.


We need not have a big event to celebrate as each day can be a party with May Sparkling Juice.

May Sparkling Juice is available in white or red grapes.  This fun and fruity drink is a high-quality product from Belgium and is made of freshly pressed grapes.  It only has 80 calories per serving and provides the fun fizz that instantly boosts any celebration.  One could blend it with cocktails or mocktails to instantly surprise house guests.

We have finished a bottle over good music, laughter and some tapas.  We will definitely open another bottle to welcome the boys  from their vacation.  We need not wait for special occasion to celebrate.  After all, everyday successes are worth celebrating.  May it be a new language learned or topping that Algebra exam.

May Sparkling Juice is available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

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May Sparkling Juice is from Fly Ace Corporation, one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino consumers, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. To learn more about Fly Ace, visit


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