AMUSING BOYS/  Kuya teaches how digestive system works to his 2mo old brother

May 3, 2016 | Only Berlin

We are back at the small house after spending 45 days at Momi’s place. And we need some real cleaning to do.

I ask the second son to look after our baby while firstborn and I tidy our room and change bedsheets.

From the other room, I could hear second son. “Who is more handsome, kuya Firstborn or me? Blink once if Kuya and twice if your Kuya Second son.”

After a minute, I then heard second son’s loud wail. “Haha! It’s me!” I assume our baby blinked twice.


Once in a while, I check on both my second son and baby. Standing from the bedroom’s door, I could see my little man cuddling his baby brother to sleep. Then he told him, “Don’t suck your fist. There’re no nutrients there. Are you hungry? Well, you better be. I always see you sucking milk from mama.”

I better be discreet then when I nurse Yael. I should stay inside our room instead as my other three boys might be distracted by the sight of me breastfeeding their baby brother.

Hours passed and firstborn and I are about to wrap up.  I again check on my second son and baby. I heard this from the big brother: “Digestion starts from the mouth where the teeth tear and chew the food into small pieces. The tongue pushes the food to the back for swallowing. The food then moves through the esophagus then slips down to the stomach. The food temporarily stays in the stomach for about four hours and starts to digest.  From the stomach, the half-digested food passes into the small intestine for more breakdown of food. The undigested food is pushed down into the large intestine and becomes waste. It passes into the rectum then is expelled as bowel through the anus.

My son is teaching his baby brother how the digestive system works!
Honestly, I do not know what to feel. Should I fret out because how digestive system works is not a common topic for discussion nor something that may  interest a baby? Or should I be proud of my boy because he knows very well his science subject?

Either way, though, I just pray that second son or any of his brothers will be readily available should their little brother needs help , teaching science included.

* This is supposedly a post for October 2015 when we returned to our small house after spending 45 days at my mom’s place.  Anyway, sharing this so when my second son chance upon this blog and read this post, he will remember how caring and responsible he has been as a big brother.  


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