BABY DIARIES/ 3 TO DOs for steady milk supply (What I learned from the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair 6)

Feb 2, 2016 | Only Berlin

I gave birth four times already and had missed abortion once. Odd as it may seem but its with my fourth that I am able to experience breastfeeding. A first time for this mom of almost thirteen years.

So when we marched to the Baby Company’s Grand Baby Fair 6 at SM Megamall last Saturday, I really paid attention to the lectures of the kind doctor on stage. I wasn’t able to catch her name as I was engrossed, by that time, fitting a baby carrier just a few steps away from the stage.

Any how, I took note of some of the important details of the lecture. Those new moms complaining they don’t seem to have enough milk or worst, no milk to offer their baby, are wrong. As explained during the short talk, breastfeeding is a normal physiological process.

It is very rare for a mother to have limited milk supply as the breasts start to feel full a couple of days after giving birth. This signals that milk is coming in.

The culprit perhaps to the thinking of no milk or low milk supply is the lack of support on or knowledge about breastfeeding. This has been true to my part as when I gave birth to my first born, I know nothing about breastfeeding. Though I tried a dozen times to latch my baby, he just didn’t want to or so I thought. No one taught me how, not even my mother, and so I have to content myself referring to breastfeeding journals and books. I lost interest and eventually gave up.

I love reading this slide repeatedly. One may find it too self-serving but I just agree with it. I have read and heard from a number of health organizations, dozens of doctors, and even my own pediatrician that breast milk is the best choice for babies. Breastfeeding helps defend against infections, prevent allergies, and protect against a number of chronic conditions.

The question then is, how can a nursing mom have a steady milk supply?

Breasts work in demand.

  • The frequently we nurse, the more milk we produce. I have been exclusively nursing my little munchkin for more than five months now and thank God for the steady milk supply. At night, we often do unlilatch to boost my milk production.


  • Another helpful tip is to pump after nursing even for stay-at-home moms. This all the more increases milk production and also gives our baby a milk on hand should we mothers would want to go out for a quick breather or even a nap.

Before, I regularly pump at 4:30am, another one in the afternoon and one just before bedtime. But because Y doesn’t want to use a feeding bottle, the milk I store inside the freezer would often go to  waste. I stop then. But now that our little boy will be turning six months, I plan to express milk again and let him drink it in his new sippy cup.

  • Proper positioning of the baby as well as latching are important factors to consider, too. Sometimes, mothers do not want to breastfeed their babies because they reason out that it hurts. And because they do not nurse, their milk supply dwindle. Nursing hurts when good position and latch are not achieved.


Breastfeeding is such a wonderful experience between a mother and a baby and it’s crucial that they achieve good position and latch to both enjoy the experience.

The kind doctor ended her talk with a recommendation to exclusively breast feed a baby until six months. By that age, we mommies can introduce complimentary food but still with continued breastfeeding.

Out Y will be turning six months this Sunday and we are just so excited to introduce new food flavors to him. But I promise myself to continue breastfeeding him until such time he prefers other nourishment.

Though I’m already old, I thank God for giving us another baby to take care of. And He is indeed great as He lets me experience breastfeeding my son.

And so to conclude this post, I would like to share a quote I so love. (I am a person who would write down phrases, sayings, and quotes on my journal should i find them amusing or simply when they hit me in the heart.)  This one I got from Pamela K. Wiggins, a lactation consultant and author of Breastfeeding:  A Mother’s Gift.

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth.”




  1. mysliceofcake

    Love this entry, even if i don’t breastfeed hehe. It’s amazing that Y has turned out to be such a great blessing to you and your family (and a big source of happiness for me too).

    • msbolin

      Yes, indeed a blessing to this family and his family’s friends. Ihihi.

  2. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Great and inspiring post.. I miss having a baby.. I’m excited to do breastfeeding once again… whenever i see newborns being cuddled by their moms to feed naiinggit ako..hehehe and i’ve been longing for the smell of newborns..lalo ang breastfeeding babies, ang babango nila kahit di mo liguan di ba?

    • msbolin

      Hihi. Yes, totally agree. I love the smell of my baby. Minsan Nya sinasabihan ko sya, let’s not take a bath. You’re mabango naman e. Ihihi.

  3. Mommy Pehpot (@mommypehpot)

    Noong unang panahon (kala mo ang tagal na haha) wala pang mga ganito, limted din ang tulong for breastfeeding mommies. Isa lang ang to do ko.. BAWAL SUMUKO haha

    • msbolin

      Very good, Mommy Pehpot. And with your upcoming baby, ipush ang bawal ang sumuko. Good luck, by the way, sa delivery. Will be praying for your safe delivery.

  4. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    I’m happy that you learn something from baby fair. It’s good to know na di lang siya puro shopping pero may mga important tips din para sa mga mommies.

    • msbolin

      Yes, I agree. Good thing the management incorporated talks very related to the event. 🙂

  5. Cheryl F.

    I’m sure my mom didn’t teach me this. Sabi lang kain nang masustansiya and yung sabaw2 for more breastmilk. I am also breastfeeding my son and he is now 21 months old. I tried giving him formula but doesn’t like to drink in a bottle. He started drinking formula since July last year but only before bedtime. I sometimes will give him after breakfast pero parang mauumay sya so I instead just give formula at night and the rest of the day breastmilk lang. I feed on demand too.

    • msbolin

      wow, still breastfeeding at 21 months! I pray makaabot din kami ng 21 months. Hello to the litol boy who doesnt want to drink in a bottle (wave here).

  6. Louisa Mercado

    Some moms do have problems with milk supply. I had a problem with my youngest but only through my own stupidity! These are helpful tips though and I hope it helps other moms.

    • msbolin

      thank you for finding the tips helpful. 🙂

  7. queenofeternalbangs

    Thank you! This is so helpful to mommies to be like me. I’m also just learning new things about pregnancy and motherhood. ☺

    • msbolin

      wow! take care of yourself and the baby. motherhood is best enjoyed if you share yourself to the little one – time, milk, even the bed, etc. 🙂

    • msbolin

      You are welcome. 🙂

  8. Nini Perez

    Hi mummy! 🙂 I’d like to add that staying hydrated would be great for the supply too, and you can give your baby milk through a normal glass. My son had been trained to cupfeed since he was a month old. Sippy cups may also cause nipple confusion same with rubber teats of bottles. 🙂 and it is true how breastfeeding is beneficial to everyone. happy latching!

    • msbolin

      thanks for the water reminder. Yes, always keeping myself well hydrated. Oh, so cup lang pala, no need na for the pang sip? will take note of that. thanks again.

      • Nini Perez

        Yes yes. 🙂 konting alalay lang. We have 2 sippy cups din and ended up not using them kasi we found out na nakaka-nipple confuse.

  9. mhaan.a-ds

    Most of my friends wasnt able to breastfeed their little one because they thought their milk is not enough or none at all. Sadly, even I told them that there’s no such thing and let their baby latch, they still chose feeding them with formula milk. However, not breastfeeding their babies doesnt make them a bad mother. Its their choice and I respect them.


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