BABY DIARIES:  The beauty of babywearing

Nov 11, 2015 | Only Berlin

Wikipedia defines babywearing as the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. It has gained popularity mostly due to the great influence of attachment parenting advocates.

Usually, I see mothers wear their babies inside  malls. It is, after all, one of the reasons for baby wearing– it allows the parent to carry her baby while still have her hands free for other things. It’s the same reason that I bought a baby carrier for my little one.

Our Yael has always wanted to be carried. My mother would blame me for this and warned me before that carrying him would only spoil our baby. Now, as soon as I put him down in his bed, he starts to cry and won’t stop until I carry him again. There was even a day when neither did I cook food for the boys nor clean the house because my darling Yael wouldn’t want to be put down. I had to carry him that whole day.  Now, with a baby pouch, I guess I could somehow do house chores with my baby very near me (we are tummy to tummy) and my hands free to work.


From the many carriers available in the market or for swapping, I chose a baby pouch for convenience. I could use it real quick without snaps or rings to adjust. This minimalist carrier can securely hold my little one and if not needed, can easily be tossed inside my bag. Though it is a single shoulder carrier only, I haven’t experienced pain at the back or shoulders. This pouch can be used for hip and tummy to tummy front carries. As the baby ages, this can also be worn at the back.

I got my pouch from INDIGObaby. And what made me decide to get from them is because the women behind the brand are moms who practice attachment parenting and breastfeeding. Surely they always think of their children’s well-being, and that includes following their instinct in caring for their little ones. With that in mind, I know their baby pouch is lovingly conceived, putting great consideration to the baby’s safety and comfort.   Behind the INDIGObaby brand are Monica and Denise, college blockmates and thesis partners years ago, who both decided to be stay-at-home-moms and eventually, work-at-home-moms.

I must have enjoyed and seen the importance of babywearing that I bought another one.  My new piece is a TINYTOTS extreme sling which, just like the INDIGObaby pouch, is lovingly conceived by one hands-on mom, Vicky.  She is, by the way, a college classmate thus thrust I her with my baby.  I have seen her use the same product for her boys, too — an indication that she will not use it if it brings harm to her own kids.


What I like best about my TINYTOTS extreme sling is that I could wear my darling Yael at kiss-height and cuddle him anytime I like.   With this two-shouldered carrier, I could wear my baby for hours without sore shoulders.  I am also confident that my extreme sling does support my little one safely, distributing his weight evenly.

I have read that in the western world, carriers are a fashion statement. A number of celebrities are photographed wearing them. Various brands are in the market and the colors and designs are really interesting you would want all of them for yourself.

Though there are still a number  who are against babywearing, I still have my baby pouch or extreme sling with me when I need both hands free to do whatever I need to do.  I have noticed, too, that babies toted in baby carriers tend to sleep a lot.

I am taught to believe that carrying a baby would spoil him.  But with a carrier or none, I still prefer to carry him even for the whole day. After all, children grow up too fast. Very soon they would be more interested in computer games and girls, and they wouldn’t even let me carry them anymore. Moments like this is short-lived, so I want to enjoy every single moment to the fullest while it lasts.

I would like to share this quote with you as it reminds me to never ever tire of carrying my little one–

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.  

                                                                                                                                                                      – Victor Hugo

Happy babywearing!



  1. Mommy QueenElizabeth

    Baby wearing has been a trend now.. During my early motherhood days, they’re not so famous yet. There are some available in shops but are so limited. I wish to make use of it when i get pregnant again… I miss having a baby 🙂

    • msbolin

      Haha. I appreciate and enjoy motherhood now than before. I was so busy with work then but now, I am very much full time mom. Haven’t experienced babywearing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering my babies before. It’s such a wonderful experience and I am so enjoying it. 🙂

  2. mysliceofcake

    If my imaginary baby is as cute as Yael, i don’t think i’d have the heart to put him down for long, too.

    • msbolin

      Haha. Babies can be so demanding, no? Would want to be carried almost all day or maybe it’s the other way around? We mommies do not want them to put down. Ihihi.

  3. Cheryl F.

    How I wish I was able to use this when my son was younger. But he’s not comfortable. My son seemed to be maarte. Lol.

  4. Louisa Mercado

    When I was baby wearing 15 years ago I got a lot of weird looks. It wasn’t as popular as it is today. I loved it though even with the backaches!

    • msbolin

      Yes, babywearing is becoming a trend now, thanks to the Hollywood actresses posing for paparazzis to capture. 🙂

  5. Mhaan Arambulo (@momyrockinstyle)

    Babywearing mommy here and I’m into ssc naman. I find it easier to use but bulky nga lang. I’m satisfied na din with my ergo and tula, you know their price is a no joke lalo na yung mga diso wraps na yan heheh. Happy babywearing!

    • msbolin

      Thank you. Baby wearing is something really Enjoying, no? And sometimes, addicting too. Just bought a Lille baby tokidoki for my baby and I still haven’t shown it to my husband. Hahaha.

    • msbolin

      Ow, and yes, happy babywearing to you, too.

  6. rollcoastermom

    I was into babywearing when my son was still a baby and I loved it. I have one pouch and one sling. My hubby has another baby carrier that he also used then. Now that I’m preggy with baby number 4, I can’t wait to babywear again. 🙂

    • msbolin

      Wow, here comes baby number 4. It delights me to hear mommies being pregnant and babies coming. I pray for your safety always. 🙂

  7. MrsMartinez

    True, babies grow up fast! I miss my baby wearing days!


    • msbolin

      Yes, babies grow up fast. That makes me both happy and sad. Ihihi.


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