Art Cares Gives Care to International and Local Artists

Art Cares Gives Care to International and Local Artists

One sector deeply affected by the health crisis is the arts. With exhibitions and galleries under severe restrictions, artists are among those heavily burdened by the circumstances brought about by COVID-19. Responding to their call for help, ArtisteSpace, Inc. and Arth Art International in India launch Art CARES.

Forever 21 is now on Shopee!

Forever 21 is now on Shopee!

Forever 21 is now on Shopee! From July 13 to 15, users can expect offers such as free shipping nationwide (for a minimum purchase price of ₱1,000) and a “buy 2, get 10% off on regular items” promo from July 15 to 17.

Shopee now has Under Armour

Shopee now has Under Armour

From July 10 to 16, users can expect lots of discounts from Under Armour, such as 30% off on footwear, 40% off on mesh t-shirts, and up to 50% off on backpacks. Now up on the blog are eight products from Under Armour to put on your fitness items bucket list.

Shopee Offers MommaLove Lactating Milk at 15% off

MommaLove Lactating Milk is 15% off at Shopee We understand your struggle.  You barely slept last night.  Your little bundle of joy isn’t too cooperative and would instead want to enjoy your hugs and kisses.  And every time you attempt to put him down, he will begin...

Colourette Velvetints: Every Busy Mom’s Secret

I will tell you a secret. Or perhaps, this isn't a secret anymore. But at least still something new to those like me who do not know much about makeup. As I often dash from one work to another, I do not find time to at least comb my hair and much more put some...

Five foolproof tips for a healthy skin

How to keep the skin healthy and glowing? Acne can significantly undermine a teenager's self-esteem. We know that firsthand.  Feeling conscious about acne isn't vanity; it is the sentiments many consider us to be dirty because of our pimples.   Among many stages, it...

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