Surviving COVID-19

Surviving COVID-19

Dear survivor, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) accompanied husband on his way home one September evening. Before that day, though, he messaged and told me he is sick. "Kindly prepare medicine and, if possible, put the kids to bed," were his words. That night, I...

How consistency can help us achieve our health goals

How consistency can help us achieve our health goals

Importance of consistency We all go through breaking point and breaking through point wherein we are tested and eventually have succeeded in forcing our way through. I joined my son one Sunday for a morning jog. In one of our conversations, he encouraged me to join...

Strategies to promote healthy living

Strategies to promote healthy living

Promote healthy living Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed. -Samuel Johnson, The Rambler We may know ourselves better than others do; how committed we are to a task and how much effort we can give to fulfill it. However, even though we have the...

Nurture Child To Live Fuller Life

Nurture Child To Live Fuller Life

Let Your Child Live Fuller Life  You are now a parent. Being one gives you the responsibility to take care of your child. As his guardian, you also need to nurture his fullest potential. That way, he would come to realize his strengths and live to the fullest. He will...

Easy-to-follow Pancit Canton Recipe

Quick and easy Pancit Canton Looking for an easy-to-follow recipe for Pancit Canton? Read on. At times we feel it's a race of time and we need to prepare breakfast, we always opt for pasta or noodles. Noodles are quicker to cook than rice, hence its name pancit...

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