Get kids to clean their room

Get kids clean their room. How? Momi Berlin helps you with these useful tips. Assign age-appropriate tasks You may bark on your children to scrub the writings off the wall. But you remain unsatisfied. Perhaps because the little ones aren’t at their proper age to do...

Valentine’s Day Mom Treat on a Budget

Valentine's Day is celebrated annually every February 14.  This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Friday. It is the day that couples celebrate love by showing appreciation to each other.  Usual gifts are flowers, chocolates, and dinner dates. Some could afford an...

Faith It Till You Make it

[tweetshare tweet="Dreams do come true, so faith it till you make it" username="SPk3(ad*e([email protected]@tnlADFb9ZZc8:1:1"] I was experiencing so much pain that I just cried for days.  The pain seems not to go away. And it hurts the most that the person causing me the pain...

My Mother’s Hands

One Sunday, I visited my mother.  I found her sleeping, evident that a few tears flew out of her eyes and rolled down her cheek. She moaned a little, and so I held her hands. Hers are crooked showing her real age. Her knuckles are puffy, and there are wrinkles and...

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Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not everyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it. More musings and realizations, fun discoveries, and mommy tips at Momi Berlin's blog.

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