MOMI SHARES| How do you use your lip balm?

Nov 4, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

I have a secret to tell you.  Perhaps not actually a secret as many might have been using it other than its original purpose.  I would love to share them with you anyway.

I love using lip balm other than on my lips.  Though it isn’t a popular choice for a beauty product, it remains the best defense, though, especially when the weather is cold and the skin starts to dry out.   For one, it saves one from the embarrassment of chapped lips.  As cold season approaches, our lips get chapped because they easily dry out.  Our lips, as I have once read, do not have oil glands like the rest of our skin.  Likewise, cold weather can’t hold moisture thus makes the air drier.  The dry air sucks the moisture off the lips.

I also love the fact that a lip balm ensures the lips are well hydrated.  It can heal chapped and dry lips faster.  I have noticed, too, that a lip balm makes lips appear suppler especially if applied every day.

MOMI SHARES| How do you use your lip balm?

MOMI SHARES| How do you use your lip balm?

For the not so secret I mentioned earlier, I use lip balms on the following:

How do you use your lip balm?


  • For soft and supple nails, massage a lip balm onto the cuticle before bedtime.

  • If those in between the fingers are all dried and flaky, a quick swipe of lip balm on those dry patches will provide moisture.

  • To make a dull cheekbone shine and glow a little, dap some lip balm within the area.

  • To create a dewy finish on the eye area. mix the lip balm with the eyeshadow.

  • A lip balm can also be used to tame those eye brows and keep the hair in place.

  • No makeup remover to wipe clean the eye makeup?  A lip balm may substitute as one.

  • To reduce the friction from shoes, one can apply lip balm on the ankles.  It will also prevent blisters from developing.

What’s your favorite lip balm?

MOMI SHARES| How do you use your lip balm?

MOMI SHARES| How do you use your lip balm?

As I love anything minty, I often prefer my lip balm to have that cool mint flavor.  Good thing a good friend introduced to me Gemz Lip Balm.  It has the Mint Zircon variant which would surely delight one’s lips with its bursting flavor of cool mint.  I love it that the flavor isn’t too overwhelming.  Its taste is very light as well, not making me feel I chewed a dozen peppermint leaves.  Aside from this reason, I now consider Gemz Lip Balm my top choice simply because:

  • Gemz Lip Balm offers other sweet flavors like Blueberry Amethyst, Citrine Lemon, Emerald Pineapple, Peach Moonstone, and Ruby Strawberry.

  • It comes in the now more popular spherical shape, making it so convenient to store and use.  I find it less messy to use as well as I just need to twist both ends in order to open it.

  • Each sphere case is enriched with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil.   These three provide nourishment and moisture to the lips.  I also love it that Gemz Lip Balm is infused with antioxidants combined with SPF to protect and keep lips impressively smooth.

  • I love that it is priced at a hundred pesos, not to scare individuals to try and even buy a few more as a gift to friends.

  • Unlike other lip balms I’ve used, Gemz is not at all sticky.  It doesn’t melt as well even if I unknowingly left it inside the car.

Where can you buy your lip balm?

MOMI SHARES| How do you use your lip balm?

MOMI SHARES| How do you use your lip balm?

Gemz Lip balm is imported and exclusively distributed by Bellus Life Solutions Inc. It is available online via Facebook and Instagram.    They are also open for resellers.

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  1. mariaisquixotic

    Well, I haven’t heard about Gemz Lip Balm but it reminds me of EOS lip balms. Maybe because of its shape and pigmentation. Sure that brand has a lot of purpose than other lip balms. I honestly did not know that it may be used as make-up remover. Such a convenience!


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