SCHOOL PROJECTS| a poem about a bloody battle for survival

Dec 28, 2016 | Love, Only Berlin

Note:  A poem about a bloody battle for survival was composed by Second Son last July 2014 for his English project.  

Second son is a typical school kid who loves playing online games.  And now that school is in full swing, he still manages to find a balance between homework and play.

As part of his English project, he needs to compose a poem on any topic.  He writes his poem fast and easy, perhaps too committed to his studies or the game.

miguels poem2 copy



  1. Me-An Clemente

    Your son is good in making a poem. I can see that it’s very inspired by his hobby so he had no difficulty in accomplishing the task. I wonder about the reaction of the teacher and the grade he’ll get with it. I had to search about Kongregate by the way. It’s my first time hearing about it.

    • momiberlin

      I am not familiar with the online games he is playing, too, but they seem to be harmless naman. I wonder, too, what grade he got from that composition. But yes, I agree. He loves the game so much he was able to compose the poem with great ease.

  2. Yan

    Nice handwriting ah! Haha kudos to your son for coming up with a poem about a game he plays, ang honest lang haha! Happy Holidays to you and your family! <3

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. His teacher commended him for his nice handwriting, too. And yes, while his classmates composed poems about friendship and family, my boy was the only one who wrote about his favorite online game. And I find him brave for that 🙂


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