Day: February 8, 2016

WANDERFUL/ Camiguin Islands

Is  Camiguin  worth all the long travel? A question raised to me by a friend, raised to her as well by her friend. Also known as the land of fire, Camiguin has seven volcanoes within its island and the volcanic eruptions and movements in the past indeed caused great...

WANDERFUL/ chaRmed by the siRen call of Zambales waves

Against the blaze of indigo sweeping across the sky, patchwork of greeneries erratically cut by rock formations and the promise of white sand beach, we were already blown away by the sights of Capones Island.  But as we started to set out to sea, it was the waves that...

MOMI WANDERS/ what to do in Bukidnon

My friend Smash and I traveled more than two hours from Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon just to experience the zipline.  We also got to taste the most expensive steak  of all, priced at P1,300 for a large order (of course, we got the smaller version). The zipline...

MOMI WANDERS/ the gloRious past of San Fernando Pampanga

The city of San Fernando in Pampanga has enthralled the curious for centuries. Blessed with a rich soil, excellent location, and the creativity and perseverance of its citizenry, San Fernando continues to attract traders and travelers for more than 200 years. Despite...

MOMI WANDERS/ A Davaoriffic five-day vacation

Nothing beats going back to Davao not for business this time but for pure leisure and total enjoyment.  This time around, I got to appreciate the place and experience what one must do once in Davao. Our very generous boss treated her staff to a five-day Davao outing....

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