Best Covid-19 Defense

Best Covid-19 Defense

Husband had Covid-19 Husband had contacted Covid-19. We weren't aware until he had himself checked a few weeks ago. He rushed his mother to the hospital because of some emergency concerns. As per hospital protocol, he and his mother underwent a swab test. There, we...

Home Checklist Before The Wet Season

Home Checklist Before The Wet Season

Now that we are half-way through the dry season, it can be an excellent time to check our home and make sure that everything is in place and working order. Completing these checks before the wet season comes around can help solve several problems exacerbated by the...

Education in the Time of Covid-19

Education in the Time of Covid-19

Change has been massive Our three high school students and pre-schooler suddenly embraced distance learning as it went from optional to mandatory. Though online learning isn't new, the big difference now is that we are forced total reliance on remote learning all at...

Make money from blogging

Make money from blogging

Converting your voice to millions We just made a million pesos through blogging. And you can, too. 2015 gave us one of the most beautiful blessings. After an unfortunate missed abortion, we got pregnant with our fifth son. Upon learning about the pregnancy, we...

Home Improvement During Quarantine

Home Improvement During Quarantine Most of us are stuck at home, and we might as well take advantage of the extra time we have. We may start a new hobby, finish a decade-old project put to a halt, or make a few home improvements. Who knows? Fixing up the house and...

Should You Get a Pellet Grill?

What You Should Know Before Buying A Pellet Grill Have you been considering to purchase a tool or two for your outdoor grilling? There are tons of options to cook outdoors, including the trusty charcoal grill. However, more people have been switching to pellet grills...

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