Metro Sunnies is on Sale on Shopee

Aug 6, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

Finding time for yourself isn’t hard after all

We have heard it a lot of times. “I do not have time for myself.”

The truth, though is, you’ve got a lot of time for yourself. You need to be a little creative and mindful. It wouldn’t hurt as well if you aren’t too hard on yourself.

Find time for yourself in anything you do. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a career woman, learn to see each task as an opportunity to learn and have fun.

Sing or dance as you cook

No one to turn to cook dinner than yourself? Then perform the task with all might. Look at cooking not as a responsibility but as a chance to get lost in some music. Sway that hips as you cut ingredients or whip some batter. Do not be afraid to look ridiculous. It’s your kitchen, and it’s your dance. You can also sing or dance as you perform your other household chores.

Steal moments

It is when you do something silly and spontaneous, that makes life pretty exciting. When you grocery shop or run errands and find the nearby salon empty, drop by to have a foot spa. That wouldn’t take long, considering you are the only customer they need to attend to.

It won’t hurt if you wear your gorgeous Metro Sunnies as you repot or water plants. It isn’t crazy but just living and enjoying life to the fullest. And timely now that you can get up to 88% off on Metro Sunnies during the 8.8 Shopee Sale. Download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Metro Sunnies is on Sale on Shopee

Extend five minutes in the shower

On weekends, extend five minutes to your usual bath time to indulge in a bubble bath. Or take a good soak in a hot tub. A hot water shower releases tension in the muscles, making you feel recharged and relaxed.

Binge-watch as you wash clothes

You’ve been complaining you haven’t seen your favorite television series for months. Binge-watch the entire episode while you lullaby your little one to sleep or wait for the washing machine to finish a load or two. Just learn to stop when you need to stop.

Opt for your fave tune

Putting the baby to sleep doesn’t strictly mean you only need to sing lullabies. It won’t hurt if you opt for your favorite rock and roll or ballad. The important thing is, you cuddle your little one as he goes to dreamland. That is enough for him to feel loved and cared for.

Exercise quiet breathing

Whether you are putting a child to sleep or waiting for the soup to boil, practice quiet breathing.

Quiet breathing can be practiced in either a sitting or standing position. Research and studies show that mindful breathing does wonder to one’s well-being.

So when you are just sitting or standing to wait for your turn to use the bathroom, for example, practice slow breathing. Or before you leave the bedroom to start your day, slow down your breathing. By doing so, you decrease your stress response and engage your mind to relax. As you concentrate on breathing, you unconsciously put an end to all worries, thus increasing your productivity.

Finding time for yourself isn’t hard after all

Do not wait for that opportunity to get out and be at your favorite cafe to drink, read a book, or simply have a break. Wear your Metro Sunnies anywhere, even when attending zoom meetings. You not only leave a fab impression but communicate with others you are a fun-loving person. Metro Sunnies, by the way, is available on Shopee.

Finding peace and time for oneself is imperative. It may be hard if you think of complicated ways, but it is possible. And it is possible if you only look at your day-to-day activity as an opportunity to be silly, crazy, and just be happy.


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