Smart steps to buying on Shopee Huawei tablet for online learning

Jun 11, 2020 | Live, Love

What to look for in a Huawei tablet for online learning?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has a dramatic effect on the education of about 1.2 billion children worldwide, as confirmed by the World Economic Forum. As a result, there is a rise in online and distance learning, whereby teaching is offered remotely and on digital platforms.

Huawei tablet for online learning

Huawei tablet for online learning


In our household, three teenagers will continue their education through distance learning.  With that in mind, we need to buy the boys their own Huawei tablets on Shopee.  But more than the payment, there are still other equally important details we need to consider before buying the boys’ tablet. To help you not to go off-track, Momi Berlin gives you a handy smart checklist as you hunt that perfect Huawei tablet.

Know your budget

Take note that once you brought home that tablet, you need not only consider saving for your monthly amortization but also for its maintenance.  Plus there are monthly expenses like the internet connection.  These expenses are what you pay for your convenience and productivity.

Remember that the bigger your initial downpayment is, the lower your monthly amortization will be.  A more extended payment period means a higher interest rate but may also indicate a monthly amortization you could squeeze into your budget.

Know your need

As you work on your budget, also check and determine the type of tablet that best suits your need.  Consider the number of family members who will use the unit or should each member has his own for his exclusive use?  Also, think of your needs and not merely your wants.

You may want a laptop for each child, but with five children in the family, surely you need a bigger budget.  With that in mind, a tablet may be a smart choice. 

Do your research

Smart steps to buying Huawei tablet

Smart steps to buying Huawei tablet

Having determined your budget and needs, now focus on details.

Often, when you start with research and able to determine the features and look of the tablet you would want to use, you may end up frustrated.  This is because your budget cannot meet your wants.  You need to be level-headed and always go back to what is important – again, your budget and needs.

Because you have pre-determined your needs, check now what options are available and see additional features you can make use of the most.  Do not forget that the school might have a specification as well for the unit the students should use.  The Huawei MediaPad T3, for instance, has 8 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM.  Is this specification enough for what that school requires?

Check the tablet’s reliability

It is essential to know the brand’s track record.  Several surveys were conducted showing that reliability tops tablet buyers’ priority.

In our household, we have been Huawei users for years, and we are satisfied with how the brand works for us.  Likewise, the brand has a sterling reputation for quality.   Beyond the sleek features and budget, we take into consideration the reputation of the tablet in terms of dependability.

Do not forget to consider also the shop’s accommodating attitude.  Look for a store that will prioritize your request, help you even after sales, and update you on the latest offers. And that’s what I love best about shopping on Shopee- convenient, fast, and very accomodating.

Put the unit to test

After your research and you’ve already opted for your preferred shop,  nothing will make you feel ecstatic than trying the unit yourself.  Check everything you need to look for in the unit. 

If you aren’t familiar with the buttons, go back reviewing the manual.   This will help you be familiar with the different buttons and functions.  Spend a great time feeling the keypad and have great control of the unit, too.

Smart steps to buying Huawei tablet on Shopee

Huawei tablet on Shopee

Huawei tablet on Shopee

There’s nothing more exciting than the idea of having your own unit for your online learning.  More than the feeling of delight, you should also take note that owning a Huawei tablet is a responsibility. Take care of it so it will last long as you learn online.  Remember, you got the tablet not for gaming or any other reasons but your schooling. 

As technology changes daily, it’s no wonder we want to have the best tablet that’s available.  But be reminded that among other things, it is prudent that we buy the tablet that meets our expectations and needs more than our self-image and vanity.

About to buy your Huawei tablet for your online or distance learning? Download Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Happy shopping!


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