Why the need for regular dental visit

Feb 22, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

Why the need for regular dental visit

Last Saturday, we visited our pediatrician. She commended how beautiful the teeth of our little darlings are.  We relayed to her that thank God, the boys love brushing their teeth.

This reminds us that nurturing our youngsters’ teeth at an early stage is crucial in instilling the importance of proper dental hygiene. At age four and two years old, our kids are now at the appropriate age to have their regular dental visit.  And we encourage other parents, too, to have their kids’ teeth checked regularly.  As mentioned by a friend’s family dentist at Laguna Vista Dental, twice a year visit is ideal.

teaches good oral health

we admit that we parents need to work with our dentists to instil good oral health care in our children.  These professionals have their charming ways to convince our youngsters to regularly brush and floss. And with regular check-ups with them, our kids are also more likely to develop a positive attitude towards dental visits. Being accustomed to regular dental visits will turn into habits which they can carry into adulthood.

solution oral health problems early on

Many of us, we assume, only visit the dentist when there is already a problem. A routine check-up, though, addresses dental concerns as soon as they surface or worsen. This saves time and money on treatment later on.

Likewise, regular dental check-up includes professional teeth cleaning, which is essential in removing plaque and tartar buildup, debris missed, and the likes. These bacteria from plaque and tartar are what cause cavities and tooth decay.

Why the need for regular dental visit

Why the need for regular dental visit

ensures healthy development of teeth

A regular visit to the dentist helps maintain and improve the oral health of our youngsters’ teeth. This is because baby teeth that are given proper care are more likely to develop into healthier adult teeth.  Likewise, our little ones haven’t fully mastered yet their motor skills in handling the toothbrush properly.  But through routine checkups and dental visits, the dentist may check on teeth or gum concerns that may develop into problems later on if not given immediate solution.

Why the need for a regular dental visit

Oral health is just as important as taking care of our skin and hair. Let us inculcate in the minds of our youngsters the benefits of healthy teeth and mouth. And having our dentist by our side to communicate the importance of oral health is but helpful in achieving this goal. A trained dental professional is the one who could help us maintain good oral health.  He can also do preventive healthcare to avoid worse cases of oral problems.

So parents, make your dentist appointment an important family affair.  More than the regular brushing and flossing of teeth, make sure to visit your family dentist at least twice a year.  It is prudent, too, to have a trusted dental clinic as your health partner.  This way, your dentist can keep your family’s dental records and use them as a basis in providing proper dental care needs and recommended treatment approach.

Have you booked a visit to your dentist yet?  Do it now.



  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    Agree, dental check-up is very important so we always visit our dentist twice or once a year. But now, because of my braces, I have to visit my dentist every month.

  2. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    totoo yan. a lot of tooth and mouth problems can be avoided if we visit the dentist regularly.

  3. dental care treatment

    I keep neglecting my teeth, i know if I keep doing it my teeth will become the big no no. I gotta stop lol

  4. dental tips

    i was 14 when a different dentist told me that i shouldn’t be rinsing my mouth after brushing.
    i was today years old when i learnt that you’re not meant to use mouthwash after brushing.

  5. Cosmetic Dentistry

    To prevent tooth early decay, makes cavities, n prevent tooth get worse n later on the cavities to the nerve from the gum, n till the teeth is going to be fall


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