5 Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Baby Items

Nov 12, 2018 | Only Berlin

Momi Shares how to choose the right baby items

The moment you see two lines in your pregnancy test, you probably jump for joy and feel a rush of happiness at the promise of your forthcoming parenthood. A lot of ideas and thoughts come into your mind. Among others are what gender your baby will have, the names you’d like to give them, the pain you’ll go through, and the changes your body will experience. And, most definitely when do you go shopping for baby items?

Expectant parents usually start looking and buying baby items when they enter the second trimester. This is because the risk of a miscarriage is significantly less than in the first trimester. The first few things parents buy for their pregnancy are not for the baby, but for mommy – maternity clothes. After getting mom comfortable with her clothes, parents will now deal with the necessary essential items needed for the baby. Parents strive to give the best to their little one, especially the things they use the most. But if you are new to the parent club, it is confusing to choose between all these baby brands that flood the market. To help you with this beautiful and thrilling endeavor, here are some tips for choosing the right baby items.

Read Reviews

Thanks to the Internet, you can now connect to the experienced, reliable parents, and childcare experts on blogs and forums. They can give personal opinions, thoughts, and recommendations about virtually anything related to parenting and child care. You can also check product reviews on online shops like Amazon, and use it as a basis in your purchasing decision. Of course, not every item works best for every individual, so it is essential to keep in mind that your perception and opinions should still weigh the most.

Talk To Your Family Physician

What’s more comforting than getting necessary information from professionals, and in this case, your physician? Before buying any baby products, it is good to ask the opinion of your doctor. Doctors will advise you based on their medical training, practice, and experience. They have probably experienced and encountered a lot of products that their patients use; therefore, their view is undeniably important. Before buying any products like soap, lotion, shampoo, baby wipes, or diapers it is best to ask them about it as they are more aware of the material, and chemicals, in the product that can potentially harm your baby.

Control Your Impulse Buying

As an excited parent, you are probably susceptible to impulse buying. I mean, all these baby products are cute, but do you need them or are they a necessity? Before making big purchases, I suggest you hold a baby shower and create a gift registry. With this, you can forecast what items you will receive, and what things you need to stock up on yourself. If there is any item you can feel comfortable going on a spree for, it is probably the essentials, such as diapers and wipes. But be sure the brand of diapers you prefer does not cause any skin rashes to your baby.

Don’t get me wrong – not everything item has to be an absolute necessity. There’s nothing wrong with getting your child a cute onesie, or asking for a very unique gift at your baby shower – don’t go overboard.

5 Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Baby Items

Understand Your Concerns

What are your actual standards about the kind of baby items you will buy? Is it the price? The brand? Or the chemicals and possible toxins in the items? If you are concerned about the chemicals and toxins that are potentially present in the details and may pose a risk to you baby, we highly suggest doing your research and taking necessary actions based on your findings. Brand and manufacturers of baby items are required to show the materials and chemicals used in the production of the product, and you can easily spot the substances you want to avoid on the label.

Choose By Design

There is a reason some items are acceptable to use for babies, while others are specifically designed for babies. Babies have delicate and sensitive skin, not to mention an underdeveloped immune system, making them susceptible to diseases, allergies, and skin ailments. It is essential to choose the product that is not only acceptable for the baby to use but is designed primarily for babies. They are made and manufactured with the baby in mind, and you can ensure that they are mild and free from harmful chemicals. These items are usually made with organic substances, and free from any parabens or any carcinogenic material.


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