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Nov 17, 2016 | Live, Only Berlin

My boys are growing up so fast and smart. They can now make their own decision as to what school club or community group to join. They prepare their school uniforms, groom themselves, and choose what clothes to wear to church service. They have the liberty to decide, and I could see that they enjoy that kind of privilege.

This school year, though I still prepare their lunch and recess, I give them their Wednesday to decide on what food to eat at school. They get to have their allowance.

An allowance, I believe, is a wise way to give the boys complete control over something and let them make their decisions. They can have burgers or fries or anything as long as they use their money to feed their stomachs and not their vices.

managing school allowance

With an allowance, they learn the concept of budgeting. They need to be extra careful though in buying during recess.  If they spend all their money, they don’t have anything for lunch. If they haven’t spent everything on Wednesday, they will put their excess money in a jar. They could either save the money and wait till they can buy something they want other than their basic needs.



managing school allowance

Observing my children for a few weeks since we’ve started our Wednesday allowance, the boys tend to be wiser and more responsible with their purchases. Before, they would want to buy anything in sight because they could always ask money from their parents. Now that’s it’s their money, they think twice before spending.

Tomorrow is a Wednesday, and the boys are excited to receive their allowance. I could hear them compare food they have eaten so far and warn each other of food that are not worth it because they aren’t that “yummy.”

This mother is excited as well as she needs not prepare and cook baon tomorrow. She needs not wake up that early!


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