Day: May 11, 2016

MOMI LAUGHS/ Anecdotes from Tots (part 5)

I was able to clean my knick-knack box, thanks to my boys who helped me with our nine-month-old guy.  From my cleaning, I saw some battered sheets of paper with my quick writings on them.  I found this momi laughs alone. Sharing with you the treasures I've found -...

MOMI LAUGHS/ More Anecdotes from Tots (set 4)

Anecdotes from tots is a compilation of those  fun moments with my boys.  Sometimes, children say and do the funniest things.  I hope you never tire of reading some of these funny lines.  They may bring a few chuckle or smile to your face.  My Big Bunso here was about...

MOMI LAUGHS/ Anecdotes from Tots part 3

Anecdotes from tots is a compilation of those  fun musings and statements of my three boys. ANECDOTES FROM TOTS ON NO WORK, NO PAY October 21, 2010, bedtime Momi:  Time to sleep. now.  Enough of that.  Pray first, ok?  Pray that you will get 100% on tomorrow's exam....

MOMI TIPS| My Mommy Mundo Journey Box

I am a mother and a happy one. I've got four boys and had missed abortion three years ago. In each pregnancy, I've experienced difficulty and for the first trimester was under bed rest.  I gave birth to my boys through normal delivery and should I've known the natural...

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Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not everyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it. More musings and realizations, fun discoveries, and mommy tips at Momi Berlin's blog.

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