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May 25, 2015 | Love, Only Berlin

Firstborn into soccer

From afar, I could see that Firstborn is enjoying his soccer class. He smiles as he kicks the ball, high-fives with team members, and claps every time their team makes a goal.  He chats with new friends during the water break and observes each player in the field.   A summer activity made possible because this mother has time for her kids now.


First-born (in black with wide green striped jersey) chases after the ball during their practice at Circuit Makati in preparation for their tournament on May 30, 2015.

A date with Firstborn

Before that, Firstborn and I had our rare mom and son bonding. We went to Trinoma to buy his soccer outfit because he requested to be enrolled in soccer this summer.

Before we shop for his sports gear, I invited him for lunch. He was such a gentleman when I asked him where he prefers to eat. “You decide, mama,” was his thoughtful answer.

He was quiet; so careful with his remarks and actions. He seemed uneasy with me around; perhaps we need more time together. Also, he was never used to being alone with me in public because we seldom go out together.

I have missed spending more time with him. I wasn’t aware of his deepest wants and favorites nor his favorite color.

Spending almost five hours with him was fun. He was never a difficult companion. He was such a gentleman, even opening the door for me.

My firstborn already knew what he wanted to buy– the color he prefers and the design he wants. He also looked at each price tag, conscious not to overspend.

Firstborn into soccer

After buying his soccer gear, I told him to accompany me at a kitchen store. He patiently pushed the cart and followed me wherever I go. Again, he was such a gentleman, never complaining and showing boredom. He would even window shop and read labels.

It was a fun day with my firstborn. And I hope to spend more time with him.

Thank you, dear Lord, for giving me this opportunity to be with my boys, particularly with firstborn whom I haven’t spent most of my time with.  Felt so blessed.

Soccer is always fun but this year, why not try inline skating, check out Skates HQ for these “kids rollerblades“.


  1. smash

    Ang sosyal ng sports ni first born ha. But it’s good that he’s having fun. And he’s athletic! So unlike us!

    • msbolin

      Yes, good thing very unlike us. Sa high school magsosoccer din daw sya. He has tournament,by the way, on Saturday. Sa may circuit makati (dating sta ana race track). Sana manalo sila. May cash price. Hihihi.

  2. smash

    Haha, tell him i wished him good luck.


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