SCHOOL FEATS|  Congratulations, my boys!

Apr 6, 2015 | Love, Only Berlin

Saturday was the day when husband and I were the proudest. We have two boys who kept going up and down the stage to receive academic distinction and inter-school achievement awards. Though the program was rather long, it didn’t take the smile off our face. Thank God the weather was also very cooperative.  Everything the students practiced for five days wasn’t put to waste.      And everything we sacrificed and gave as parents were all worth it. 

Again, thank you, Lord, for giving us such industrious and loving boys. We are so proud of them.  May they continue to be a blessing to us and to others. They might just don’t know how much happiness they give to us, but sincerely, we as their parents are truly blessed. 

Congratulations, Second Son!


Congratulations, my Second Son.  He finished second honors and also demonstrated excellence in Filipino and Science.


Congratulations, Big Bunso!

our bunso is very eager for their recognition day. he is very proud of his achievements.

Congratulations, our Big Bunso. He represented his school for the ISAAL interschool math competition and received recognition for this honor. he is also a recepient of the best in math and finished third honors.

For all your hard work and determination to be the best among your peers, we salute you!  You always make us proud.  And with that, we hope you enjoy our little present to you both.

our recognition gift to you both. now, you have your own unit for your projects and also for you to unwind. we know you two are responsible users. we are so proud of you two and kuya first-born.


Congratulations, Firstborn!

You have made it!  Thank you for finishing your elementary education.  As you  march on stage, we saw how happy and proud you were of your achievements.  We felt the same for you.


Congratulations, Firstborn!

Congratulations, Firstborn!


And as you enter High School, we wish you would be more careful and responsible of your things.  With that, please accept our humble gifts to you.  We love you dearly, Firstborn.

as you enter high school, hope you will be more responsible with your things.  as for now, here's our graduation present for you.  enjoy your new phone!





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