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Jan 22, 2011 | Only Berlin

Begin again.

Lately, I met a number of acquaintances and friends who work at home.  They are freelance writers from the company I work with.  Or they are buddies who decided to get home-based copywriting jobs.  I envy them because they succeed in the attempt I wished for myself before.


TO BEGIN AGAIN. I exhaust myself to excel in plants vs zombies more than expand my copywriting network.

I got too relaxed and comfortable feeding, dressing up and playing with my boys.  I was too lazy to look for online opportunities. I content myself with the tried and tested network I have.

I do not have the ambition to go big time.

God provides and I got a full-time job.  I hired ‘help’ to take care of the boys in my absence. The help, though, as it turned out, wasn’t really a reliable one.   She left without a word.

Now, I am left with some thinking.  Lessons learned from past house helpers.  Overflowing tips and encouragement from stay-at-home mothers and freelance writers.  I want to quit my full-time post. I want to concentrate on home-based writing.

To Begin Again

Bikram Choudhury said, “never too old, never too sick, never too bad, never too late to start and begin again.”

I might be saying these to myself  as well.


  1. wendy

    Freelance sounds great. Maybe your boss will let you do freelance work if you ask? If not, you can always look for freelance writing jobs on your own.

    • msbolin

      with the load sa work, di ko na kaya magfreelance. busy na talaga ako sa office. hahaha.

      aga kong gumising, 4am. di na ako makatulog. iniisip ko ang bukas-

      • msbolin

        ayan na naman ako. talagang di ko sineserious ang freelance writing. tamad!

  2. wendy

    Wow ang aga nga! Nope I meant magfreelance ka na lang and not regular job sa ofc nyo. Baka maintindihan naman ng boss mo at gawin ka na lang freelance writer.

  3. wendy

    Ay pano pala yung laptop? Anong sabi nung kapatid ni papa J na may-ari?

    • msbolin

      di ko na inaalam kapag ganun. ehehehe. di din naman nagkwento si papa j kung ano rin feedback. but for sure, di maganda ang nangyari.

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